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Head-to-tail dimerization and organogelating properties of click peptidomimeticsKe, Z; Chow, HF; Chan, MC; Liu, Z; Sze, KH2012123
Dinuclear Zn(II) complex catalyzed phosphodiester cleavage proceeds via a concerted mechanism: A density functional theory studyGao, H; Ke, Z; Deyonker, NJ; Wang, J; Xu, H; Mao, ZW; Phillips, DL; Zhao, C2011660
Influence of water hydrogen bonding on the reactions of arylnitrenium ions with guanosine: Hydrogen-bonding effects can favor reaction at the C8 siteGuo, Z; Xue, J; Ke, Z; Phillips, DL; Zhao, C2009548
Promoting academic literacy in CSCL environment for Chinese tertiary business studentsKe, Z; Chan, C200852
Intrinsic reaction coordinate analysis of the activation of CH4 by molybdenum atoms: A density functional theory study of the crossing seams of the potential energy surfacesGuo, Z; Ke, Z; Phillips, DL; Zhao, C200867
Methylene transfer or carbometalation? A theoretical study to determine the mechanism of lithium carbenoid-promoted cyclopropanation reactions in aggregation and solvation statesKe, Z; Zhao, C; Phillips, DL2007128
A DFT study on the mechanism of Rh2 II, II-catalyzed intramolecular amidation of carbamatesLin, X; Zhao, C; Che, CM; Ke, Z; Phillips, DL2007267
Concurrent cyclopropanation by carbenes and carbanions? A density functional theory study on the reaction pathwaysFang, R; Ke, Z; Shen, Y; Zhao, C; Phillips, DL200759
On the mechanism and stereochemistry of chiral lithium-carbenoid-promoted cyclopropanation reactionsKe, Z; Zhou, Y; Gao, H; Zhao, C; Phillips, DL200761
A density functional theory study of aluminum carbenoid (CH 3)2A1CH2X (X = Cl, Br, I) promoted cyclopropanation reactions compared to IMCH2i (M = Li, Sm, Zn) carbenoidsLi, ZH; Ke, Z; Zhao, C; Geng, ZY; Wang, YC; Phillips, DL200675
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