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Positive and Negative Factors Influencing the Implementation of Relational Contracting in Public Construction Projects in AustraliaKe, Y; Ling, FYY; Zou, PXW; Wang, SQ; Kumaraswamy, MM201256
Dual actions of brain-derived neurotrophic factor on GABAergic transmission in cerebellar Purkinje neuronsHuang, Y; Ko, H; Cheung, ZH; Yung, KKL; Yao, T; Wang, JJ; Morozov, A; Ke, Y; Ip, NY; Yung, WH2012166
Mechanism of chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced impairment in synaptic plasticity and neurocognitive dysfunctionKe, Y; Chan, YS; Yung, WH201228
Are relational contracting principles applicable to public construction projects?Ke, Y; Ling, FYY; Kumaraswamy, MM; Wang, SQ; Zou, PXW; Ning, Y201163
Resistivity of thin Cu films coated with Ta, Ti, Ru, Al, and Pd barrier layers from first principlesZahid, F; Ke, Y; Gall, D; Guo, H2010152
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor rescues and prevents chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced impairment of hippocampal long-term synaptic plasticityXie, H; Leung, KL; Chen, L; Chan, YS; Ng, PC; Fok, TF; Wing, YK; Ke, Y; Li, AM; Yung, WH2010242
Resistivity of thin Cu films with surface roughnessKe, Y; Zahid, F; Timoshevskii, V; Xia, K; Gall, D; Guo, H2009125
Increased Id-1 expression is significantly associated with poor survival of patients with prostate cancerForootan, SS; Wong, YC; Dodson, A; Wang, X; Lin, K; Smith, PH; Foster, CS; Ke, Y200760
Copper-mediated peptide radical ions in the gas phaseBagheriMajdi, E; Ke, Y; Orlova, G; Chu, IK; Hopkinson, AC; Siu, KWM200487
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