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Homocysteine stimulates NADPH oxidase-mediated superoxide production leading to endothelial dysfunction in ratsEdirimanne, VER; Woo, CWH; Siow, YL; Pierce, GN; Xie, JY; Karmin, O200724
Homocysteine activates cAMP-response element binding protein in HepG2 through cAMP/PKA signaling pathwayWoo, CWH; Siow, YL; Karmin, O20068
Emerging issues in traditional Chinese medicineSiow, YL; Gong, Y; Au-Yeung, KKW; Woo, CWH; Choy, PC; Karmin, O200516
Induction of MCP1, CCR2, and iNOS expression in THP-1 macrophages by serum of children late after kawasaki diseaseCheung, YF; Karmin, O; Tam, SCF; Siow, YL2005126
Hyperhomocysteinemia Activates Nuclear Factor-κB in Endothelial Cells via Oxidative StressAu-Yeung, KKW; Woo, CWH; Sung, FL; Yip, JCW; Siow, YL; Karmin, O200415
Calcium-activated transient outward chloride current and phase 1 repolarization of swine ventricular action potentialLi, GR; Du, XL; Siow, YL; Karmin, O; Tse, HF; Lau, CP2003169
Hyperhomocysteinemia and impaired vasomotor function in type 2 diabetes mellitusTan, KCB; Karmin, O; Chow, WS; Ai, VHG; Siow, YL; Lam, KSL200264
Combined effects of endothelin-1 and platelet activating factor on rat aorta vasoconstrictionKoon, MHW; Man, RYK; Karmin, O199873
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