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Nd:YAG (1064 nm) laser for the treatment of chronic periodontitis: a pilot studyJensen, J; Lulic, M; Heitz-Mayfield, LJA; Joss, A; Lang, NP2010425
Restoration margins in young adolescents: a clinical and radiographic study of Swiss Army recruits.Kuonen, P; HuynhBa, G; Krummen, VS; Stössel, EM; Röthlisberger, B; Salvi, GE; Gerber, J; Pjetursson, BE; Joss, A; Lang, NP2009119
Influence of suture tension to the tearing characteristics of the soft tissues: An in vitro experimentBurkhardt, R; Preiss, A; Joss, A; Lang, NP200899
Soft tissue dehiscence coverage around endosseous implants: A prospective cohort studyBurkhardt, R; Joss, A; Lang, NP2008172
Periodontal conditions in Swiss army recruits: A comparative study between the years 1985, 1996 and 2006Röthlisberger, B; Kuonen, P; Salvi, GE; Gerber, J; Pjetursson, BE; Attström, R; Joss, A; Lang, NP2007114
Clinical evaluation of root filled teeth restored with or without post-and-core systems in a specialist practice settingSalvi, GE; Guldener, BES; Amstad, T; Joss, A; Lang, NP2007110
Influence of compliance and smoking habits on the outcomes of supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) in a private practice.Rieder, C; Joss, A; Lang, NP200480
Patterns of tissue remodeling after placement of ITI® dental implants using an osteotome technique: A longitudinal radiographic case cohort studyBrägger, U; Gerber, C; Joss, A; Haenni, S; Meier, A; Hashorva, E; Lang, NP2004113
Simultaneous or staged installation with guided bone augmentation of transmucosal titanium implants: A 3-year prospective cohort studyChristensen, DK; Karoussis, IK; Joss, A; Hämmerle, CHF; Lang, NP200364
Marginal fit of dental restorations and the periodontium in Swiss army recruits | Restaurationsrandschlusse und Parodont bei Schweizer Rekruten.Lang, NP; Saxer, CM; Bûrgin, W; Joss, A; Wallkamm, B; Brägger, U; Christensen, MM; Schürch Jr, E; Hofer, D; Schmid, B; Luterbacher, S; Etter, T; Attström, R200179
Comparison of the clinical effects and gingival abrasion aspects of manual and electric toothbrushesMantokoudis, D; Joss, A; Christensen, MM; Meng, HX; Suvan, JE; Lang, NP200169
Reproducibility of automated periodontal probing around teeth and osseointegrated oral implantsChristensen, MM; Joss, A; Lang, NP199760
Monitoring disease during supportive periodontal treatment by bleeding on probingLang, NP; Joss, A; Tonetti, MS199659
Threshold of tactile sensitivity perceived with dental endosseous implants and natural teeth.Hämmerle, CH; Wagner, D; Brägger, U; Lussi, A; Karayiannis, A; Joss, A; Lang, NP199581
Bleeding on probing. A parameter for monitoring periodontal conditions in clinical practice.Joss, A; Adler, R; Lang, NP1994100
Bleeding on probing as it relates to probing pressure and gingival health in patients with a reduced but healthy periodontium. A clinical study.Karayiannis, A; Lang, NP; Joss, A; Nyman, S199270
Periodontal conditions in Swiss Army recruits.Joss, A; Weber, HP; Gerber, C; Siegrist, B; Curilović, Z; Saxer, UP; Lang, NP199265
Short-term effects of initial periodontal therapy (hygienic phase).Hämmerle, CH; Joss, A; Lang, NP199160
Bleeding on probing as it relates to probing pressure and gingival health.Lang, NP; Nyman, S; Senn, C; Joss, A199164
In vivo early human dental plaque formation on different supporting substances. A scanning electron microscopic and bacteriological study.Siegrist, BE; Brecx, MC; Gusberti, FA; Joss, A; Lang, NP199169
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