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Learning new lexical categories induce rapid increase in gray matter of adult human brain.Kwok, VPY; Niu, Z; Kay, P; Zhou, K; Mo, L; Jin, Z; So, KF; Tan, L201229
In situ synthesis of polymer-modified mesoporous carbon CMK-3 composites for CO2 sequestrationHwang, CC; Jin, Z; Lu, W; Sun, Z; Alemany, LB; Lomeda, JR; Tour, JM201183
Numerical methods for dividend optimization using regime-switching jump-diffusion modelsJin, Z; Yin, G; Yang, H2011153
Learning new color names produces rapid increase in gray matter in the intact adult human cortexKwok, V; Niu, Z; Kay, P; Zhou, K; Mo, L; Jin, Z; So, KF; Tan, LH2011180
Asymptotically optimal dividend policy for regime-switching compound Poisson modelsYin, G; Jin, Z; Yang, H2010153
Functional magnetic resonance imaging activation of the brain in children: Real acupoint versus sham acupointWu, Y; Jin, Z; Li, K; Lu, ZL; Wong, V; Han, TL; Zheng, H; Caspi, O; Liu, G; Zeng, YW; Zou, LP2010143
Developmental dyslexia is characterized by the co-existence of visuospatial and phonological disorders in Chinese childrenSiok, WT; Spinks, JA; Jin, Z; Tan, LH2009169
A structural-functional basis for dyslexia in the cortex of Chinese readersWai, TS; Niu, Z; Jin, Z; Perfetti, CA; Li, HT2008158
Effect of acupuncture on the brain in children with spastic cerebral palsy using functional neuroimaging (fMRI)Wu, Y; Jin, Z; Li, K; Lu, ZL; Wong, V; Han, TL; Zheng, H; Caspi, O; Liu, G; Zeng, YW; Zou, LP2008143
Brain morphology of Chinese developmental dyslexiaSiok, WT; Jin, Z; Tan, LH200773
Magnetic properties of ultrahigh-pressure eclogites controlled by retrograde metamorphism: A case study from the ZK703 drillhole in Donghai, eastern ChinaLiu, Q; Liu, Q; Zhang, Z; Xu, H; Chan, L; Yang, T; Jin, Z2007198
The Impact of Different Transaction Types on the Property PriceJin, Z; Chau, KW2006101
Calendar Anomaly in the Hong Kong's Residential MarketChau, KW; Jin, Z; Wong, SK2006133
AoA effects on Chinese language processing: An fMRI studyWeekes, BS; Chan, A; Kwok, JSW; Tan, LH; Jin, Z200490
Ce anomaly in minerals of eclogite and garnet pyroxenite from Dabie-Sulu ultrahigh pressure metamorphic belt: Tacking subducted sediment formed under oxidizing conditionsLuo, Y; Gao, S; Yuan, H; Liu, X; Deltlef, G; Jin, Z; Sun, M200489
Language lateralization in young children and adults: Linguistic dimensions matter. Presentation at the 10th International Conference of Human Brain Mapping, BudapestKwok, SW; Siok, WT; Jin, Z; Zeng, Y; Tan, LH2004110
Biological abnormality of impaired reading is constrained by cultureSiok, WT; Perfetti, CA; Jin, Z; Tan, LH2004281
Neural representations of nouns and verbs in Chinese: An fMRI studyLi, P; Jin, Z; Tan, LH200440
Discrete cortical areas responsible for semantic processing of Chinese characters and sentences as identified with fMRIChan, HD; Tan, LH; Jin, Z; Spinks, JA200399
Distinct brain regions associated with syllable and phonemeSiok, WT; Jin, Z; Fletcher, P; Tan, LH200378
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