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DIDS blocks a chloride-dependent current that is mediated by the 2B protein of enterovirus 71Xie, S; Wang, K; Yu, W; Lu, W; Xu, K; Wang, J; Ye, B; Schwarz, W; Jin, Q; Sun, B201154
Noncanonical Wnt-4 signaling enhances bone regeneration of mesenchymal stem cells in craniofacial defects through activation of p38 MAPKChang, J; Sonoyama, W; Wang, Z; Jin, Q; Zhang, C; Krebsbach, PH; Giannobile, W; Shi, S; Wang, CY200796
Message from CAUL 2006 Workshop OrganizersTseng, SS; Kinshuk; Yang, SJH; Hwang, GJ; Chen, NS; Ally, M; Biström, J; Brase, J; Chu, WCC; Chung, JY; Lau, FCM; Chang, KE; Chen, GD; Chen, MS; Chen, I; Chou, SW; Detti, A; Eikemeier, C; Jo, JH; Huang, YM; Jin, Q; Jones, V; Most'efaoui, SK; Kurhila, J; Levialdi, S; Li, ST; Liao, AYH; Loreti, P; Nakabayashi, K; Nishinosono, H; O'nualláin, C; Shih, TK; Shoniregun, CA; Van Sinderen, MJ; Tseng, JCR; Yang, D; Yeh, YM; Yu, PT; Zhang, J; Chen, R; Huang, A; Huang, J; Lan, B; Shao, N; Su, A; Su, JM; Weng, JF200675
Electrochemical and optical characterization of the thiol-capped CdTe nanocrystal materialHu, H; Fung, YS; Jin, Q200381
Microwave plasma torch - atomic emission spectroscopy for capillary electrophoresis and microcolumn detectionFung, YS; Zhao, L; Jin, Q199981
The vaccinia virus HindIII K fragment encodes a novel protein belonging to the serpin superfamily.Jin, Q; Jin, DY; Hou, YD199069
A study on an enhancer-like element in Escherichia coli.Pan, W; Wu, SH; Jin, Q; Yu, WH; Liu, ZW; Jin, DY; Du, P; Hou, YD199079
Vaccinia virus hemagglutinin. A novel member of the immunoglobulin superfamilyJin, D; Li, Z; Jin, Q; Yuwen, H; Hou, Y1989100
DNA sequence analysis of the Hind III M fragment from Chinese vaccine strain of vaccinia virusLiu, VJK; Jin, Q; Jin, D; Hou, Y198958
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