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Sonoporation-induced depolarization of plasma membrane potential: analysis of heterogeneous impactQin, P; Lin, X; HU, Y; Zhong, W; Cai, P; Du, L; Jin, L; Yu, ACH20146
Identification and Structural Characterization of a Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Targeting a Novel Conserved Epitope on Influenza H5N1 Hemagglutinin.Du, L; Jin, L; Zhao, G; Sun, S; Li, J; Yu, H; Li, Y; Zheng, B; Liddington, R; Zhou, Y; Jiang, S201332
A study on the change in plasma membrane potential during sonoporationQin, P; Cai, P; Du, L; Jin, L; Yu, A201337
Genome-wide association analysis identifies new lung cancer susceptibility loci in never-smoking women in AsiaLan, Q; Hsiung, CA; Matsuo, K; Hong, YC; Seow, A; Wang, Z; Hosgood, HD; Chen, K; Wang, JC; Chatterjee, N; Hu, W; Zhou, B; Shin, MH; Fraumeni, JF; Lin, D; Chanock, SJ; Caporaso, N; Rothman, N; Park, JY; Chen, CJ; Kim, YH; Liu, J; Kim, YT; Landi, MT; Shen, H; Lawrence, C; Burdett, L; Yeager, M; Yuenger, J; Jacobs, KB; Chang, IS; Mitsudomi, T; Jeon, HS; Kim, HN; Chang, GC; Bassig, BA; Tucker, M; Wei, F; Yin, Z; Wu, C; An, SJ; Qian, B; Lee, VHF; Hsiao, CF; Lu, D; Sung, JS; Kim, JH; Gao, YT; Tsai, YH; Jung, YJ; Guo, H; Hu, Z; Chen, YM; Hutchinson, A; Wang, WC; Klein, R; Chung, CC; Oh, IJ; Chen, KY; Berndt, SI; He, X; Wu, W; Chang, J; Liu, L; Zhang, XC; Huang, MS; Zheng, H; Wang, J; Zhao, X; Li, Y; Choi, JE; Su, WC; Park, KH; Sung, SW; Kang, CH; Shu, XO; Hu, L; Chen, CH; Pao, W; Kim, YC; Yang, TY; Xu, J; Guan, P; Chen, CY; Tan, W; Su, J; Wang, CL; Li, H; Sihoe, ADL; Zhao, Z; Chen, Y; Choi, YY; Hung, JY; Kim, JS; Vermeulen, R; Yoon, HI; Cai, Q; Lin, CC; Park, IK; Xu, P; Dong, J; Kim, C; He, Q; Perng, RP; Kohno, T; Wu, J; Kweon, SS; Lim, WY; Chen, KC; Chow, WH; Ji, BT; Chan, JKC; Chu, M; Li, YJ; Wong, MP; Yokota, J; Li, J; Chen, H; Xiang, YB; Yu, CJ; Kunitoh, H; Wu, G; Jin, L; Lo, YL; Shiraishi, K; Zheng, W; Chen, YH; Lin, HC; Wu, T; Wu, YL; Yang, PC2012118
Polarization-induced charge distribution at homogeneous zincblende/wurtzite heterostructural junctions in ZnSe nanobeltsLi, L; Jin, L; Wang, J; Smith, DJ; Yin, WJ; Yan, Y; Sang, H; Choy, WCH; McCartney, MR2012129
Spatial distribution of ciguateric fish in the Republic of KiribatiChan, WH; Mak, YL; Wu, JJ; Jin, L; Sit, WH; Lam, JCW; Sadovy de Mitcheson, Y; Chan, LL; Lam, PKS; Murphy, MB2011178
Molecular marker assisted selection for improvement of the eating, cooking and sensory quality of rice (Oryza sativa L.)Jin, L; Lu, Y; Shao, Y; Zhang, G; Xiao, P; Shen, S; Corke, H; Bao, J2010104
Genetic diversity and population structure of a diverse set of rice germplasm for association mappingJin, L; Lu, Y; Xiao, P; Sun, M; Corke, H; Bao, J2010311
Twinning mediated growth of ZnSe tri- and bi-crystal nanobelts with single crystalline wurtzite nanobelts as building blocksJin, L; Wang, J; Jia, S; Sang, H; Deng, L; Yan, X; Cai, Y; Lu, P; Choy, WCH2010217
ZnSe heterocrystalline junctions based on zinc blende-wurtzite polytypismJin, L; Wang, J; Jia, S; Jiang, Q; Yan, X; Lu, P; Cai, Y; Deng, L; Choy, WCH2010218
Summer monsoon moisture variability over China and Mongolia during the past four centuriesLi, J; Cook, ER; Chen, F; Davi, N; D'arrigo, R; Gou, X; Wright, WE; Fang, K; Jin, L; Shi, J; Yang, T200975
Personality, career decision self-efficacy and commitment to the career choices process among Chinese graduate studentsJin, L; Watkins, D; Yuen, M2009217
Dissolved oxygen sensing using organometallic dyes deposited within a microfluidic environmentChen, QL; Ho, HP; Jin, L; Chu, BWK; Li, MJ; Yam, VWW2008139
Growth of ZnSe Nanospirals with Bending Mediated by Lomer-Cottrell Sessile Dislocations through Varying PressureJin, L; Wang, J; Choy, WCH2008212
{113} Twinned ZnSe bicrystal nanobelts filled with < 111 > twinningsJin, L; Wang, J; Cao, G; Xu, Z; Jia, S; Choy, WCH; Leung, YP; Yuk, TI2008145
Starch physicochemical properties and their associations with microsatellite alleles of starch-synthesizing genes in a rice RIL populationBao, J; Jin, L; Xiao, P; Shen, S; Sun, M; Corke, H2008603
Career Self-efficacy, School Connectedness, and Academic Achievement: Sex Differences and Implications for Counselling High School Adolescents..Yuen, MT; Jin, L; Gysbers, NC; Chan, RMC; Lau, SYP; Lee, Q; Shea, MKP2008120
Fabrication and characterization of amorphous silica nanostructuresJin, L; Wang, J; Cao, G; Choy, WCH2008175
Triple-crystal zinc selenide nanobeltsLiu, SY; Choy, WCH; Jin, L; Leung, YP; Zheng, GP; Wang, J; Soh, AK2007265
Wide wavelength tuning of ZnSe nanostructures by temperatureChoy, WCH; Leung, YP; Jin, L; Wang, J2007184
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