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Magnetic field mediated low-temperature resistivity upturn in electron-doped La1-xHfxMnO3 manganite oxidesGuo, E; Wang, L; Wu, Z; Wang, L; Liu, HB; Jin, KJ; Gao, J201263
Suppression of photoconductivity by magnetic field in epitaxial manganite thin filmsGuo, EJ; Wang, L; Lu, HB; Guo, HZ; He, M; Jin, KJ; Yang, GZ; Gao, J2012178
Phase diagram and spin-glass phenomena in electron-doped La1-xHfxMnO3 (0.05 ≤ x ≤ 0.3) manganite oxidesGuo, EJ; Wang, L; Wu, ZP; Wang, L; Lu, HB; Jin, KJ; Gao, J2011147
Characterization of reactive intermediates generated during photolysis of 4-acetoxy-4-aryl-2,5-cyclohexadienones: Oxenium ions and aryloxy radicalsWang, YT; Jin, KJ; Leopold, SH; Wang, J; Peng, HL; Platz, MS; Xue, J; Phillips, DL; Glover, SA; Novak, M2008403
Fano resonance in the luminescence spectra of donor bound excitons in polar semiconductorsJin, KJ; Xu, SJ2007222
Fano resonance in phonon-assisted photoluminescence spectra of wide gap polar semiconductorsXu, SJ; Xiong, SJ; Shi, SL; Jin, KJ2006126
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