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Studies on CD38 Inhibitors and Their Application to cADPR-Mediated Ca2+ SignalingLiu, Z; Graeff, RM; Jin, H; Zhang, L; Zhang, L201326
MultiGreen: Cost- Minimizing Multi-source Datacenter Power Supply with Online ControlDeng, W; Liu, F; Jin, H; Wu, C; Liu, X201326
SmartDPSS: cost-minimizing multi-source power supply for datacenters with arbitrary demandDeng, W; Liu, F; Jin, H; Wu, C201334
Synthesis and calcium mobilization activity of cADPR analogues which integrate nucleobase, northern and southern ribose modificationsZhou, Y; Yu, P; Jin, H; Yang, Z; Yue, J; Zhang, L; Zhang, L201293
Cultural heritage in Asia series. Vol. 2, Kaiping Diaolou and the Chinese Diaspora connectionKuah-Pearce, KE; Jin, H2012211
Cultural heritage in Asia series. Vol. 1, Tulou and the Hakka peopleKuah-Pearce, KE; Jin, H2012198
NF-κB targets miR-16 and miR-21 in gastric cancer: Involvement of prostaglandin E receptorsShin, VY; Jin, H; Ng, EKO; Cheng, ASL; Chong, WWS; Wong, CYP; Leung, WK; Sung, JJY; Chu, KM2011233
A microrna contribution to aberrant ras activation in gastric cancerLam, EKY; Wang, X; Shin, VY; Zhang, S; Morrison, H; Sun, J; Ng, EKO; Yu, J; Jin, H2011181
Oncofetal H19-derived miR-675 regulates tumor suppressor RB in human colorectal cancerTsang, WP; Ng, EKO; Ng, SSM; Jin, H; Yu, J; Sung, JJY; Kwok, TT2010131
Premarital intimacy in transnational marriage: Chinese women finding the right South Korean husbandJin, H; Kuah-Pearce, KE2010111
Processing Constrained K-Closest Pairs Queries in Crime DatabasesQiao, S; Tang, C; Jin, H; Dai, S; Chen, X; Chau, M; Hu, J2010140
PutMode: Prediction of uncertain trajectories in moving objects databasesQiao, S; Tang, C; Jin, H; Long, T; Dai, S; Ku, Y; Chau, M2010138
Premarital Intimacy in Transnational Marriage: Chinese Women Finding the Right South Korean HusbandKuah-Pearce, KE; Jin, H201074
Message from general co-chairs and program co-chairsLai, KK; Song, Y; Wang, S; Ching, WK; Jin, H; Li, J; Mishra, SK; Yu, L2010117
Promoter hypermethylation mediates downregulation of thiamine receptor SLC19A3 in gastric cancerLiu, X; Lam, EKY; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Cheng, YY; Lam, YW; Ng, EKO; Yu, J; Chan, FKL; Jin, H; Sung, JJY2009140
Differential expression of microRNAs in plasma of patients with colorectal cancer: A potential marker for colorectal cancer screeningNg, EKO; Chong, WWS; Jin, H; Lam, EKY; Shin, VY; Yu, J; Poon, TCW; Ng, SSM; Sung, JJY2009232
Identification of retinoic acid-regulated nuclear matrix-associated protein as a novel regulator of gastric cancerLi, J; Ng, EKO; Ng, YP; Wong, CYP; Yu, J; Jin, H; Cheng, VYY; Go, MYY; Cheung, PKF; Ebert, MPA; Tong, J; To, KF; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY; Ip, NY; Leung, WK2009181
Fibulin 1 is downregulated through promoter hypermethylation in gastric cancerCheng, YY; Jin, H; Liu, X; Siu, JMT; Wong, YP; Ng, EKO; Yu, J; Leung, WK; Sung, JJY; Chan, FKL2008153
Sedimentary characteristics of paleo-aeolian dune sands of Salawusu Formation in the Salawusu River ValleyOu, X; Li, B; Jin, H; Dong, G; Zhang, DD; Wu, Z; Wen, X; Zeng, L; Ouyang, C; Yang, Y; Liu, Y2008193
Epigenetic identification of ADAMTS18 as a novel 16q23.1 tumor suppressor frequently silenced in esophageal, nasopharyngeal and multiple other carcinomasJin, H; Wang, X; Ying, J; Wong, AHY; Li, H; Lee, KY; Srivastava, G; Chan, ATC; Yeo, W; Ma, BBY; Putti, TC; Lung, ML; Shen, ZY; Xu, LY; Langford, C; Tao, Q2007149
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