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Anisotropic Topological Surface States on High-Index Bi2Se3 FilmsXu, Z; Guo, X; Yao, MY; He, HT; Miao, L; Jiao, L; Liu, HC; Wang, JN; Qian, D; Jia, JF; Ho, WK; Xie, MH2013124
Topical treatment with Tong-Luo-San-Jie gel alleviates bone cancer pain in ratsWang, J; Zhang, R; Dong, C; Jiao, L; Xu, L; Liu, J; Wang, Z; Mao Ying, QL; Fong, H; Lao, L201242
Reflectance spectra of individual single-walled carbon nanotubesZeng, H; Jiao, L; Xian, X; Qin, X; Liu, Z; Cui, X2008586
Application of the dynamic phasors in modeling and simulation of electronic convertersQi, Q; Jiao, L; Chen, S; Yan, Z; Ni, Y; Wu, FF2003146
A Survey Transmission Congestion Management In Electricity MarketsZhang, Y; Jiao, L; Chen, S; Yan, Z; Wen, F; Ni, Y; Wu, FF2003107
Modeling and simulation of UPFC with dynamic phasorsQi, Q; Jiao, L; Yan, Z; Ni, Y; Chen, S; Wu, FF2003161
Multi-agent Systema nd Its Application in Power SystemsLiu, H; Yuan, B; Dai, H; Qi, D; Jiao, L; Ni, Y; Wu, FF2001104
A study of market type and trading mode for the three gorges power marketXing, W; Lin, J; Wen, F; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Qi, D; Hu, F; Zhang, Y; Jiao, L; Chen, S2001131
Application Of A Nonlinear PID Controler On STATCOM With A Differential TrackerNi, Y; Jiao, L; Chen, S; Zhang, B1998117
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