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Chiral α-aminoxy acid/achiral cyclopropane α-aminoxy acid unit as a building block for constructing the α N-O helixYang, D; Chang, XW; Zhang, DW; Jiang, ZF; Song, KS; Zhang, YH; Zhu, NY; Weng, LH; Chen, MQ201076
Electric-field modulation of the number of helical edge states in thin-film semiconductorsJiang, ZF; Chu, RL; Shen, SQ2010164
Disorder effect of resonant spin Hall effect in a tilted magnetic fieldJiang, ZF; Shen, SQ; Zhang, FC2009511
Spin-filter effect induced by magnetic edge states of zigzag carbon nanotubeJiang, ZF; Li, J; Shen, SQ; Liu, WM2008164
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