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Outdoor space quality: A field study in an urban residential community in central ChinaLai, D; Zhou, C; Huang, J; Jiang, Y; Long, Z; Chen, Q2014108
Characteristics and mechanisms of large deformation in the Zhegu mountain tunnel on the Sichuan–Tibet highwayMeng, L; Li, T; Jiang, Y; Wang, R; Li, Y201333
Monetary reminders lead to exchange orientation and emotion suppressionChen, Z; Jiang, Y; Wyer, B201334
Feeling deprived: sexual objectification increases women’s desire for moneyChen, Z; Teng, F; Jiang, Y201329
When money hurts relationships: Monetary reminders increase romantic jealousyChen, Z; TENG, F; Kwan, CP; POON, KT; Jiang, Y201343
Stabilization of chaos in electric vehicle steering systems using induction motorZhang, Z; Ching, TW; Liu, C; Qiu, C; Jiang, Y201320
Effects of lattice deformation on magnetic properties of electron-doped La0.8Hf0.2MnO3 thin filmsWu, Z; Jiang, Y; Gao, J201364
Effects of residual and tunable strain in thin films of La0.7Ba0.3MnO3Wang, J; Jiang, Y; Wu, Z; Gao, J201382
Electroresistance and current-induced metastable states in thin films of half-doped manganite Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3Wang, J; Chen, L; Jiang, Y; Gao, J201380
Modulation of persistent photoconductivity by electric-field-controlled strain in thin films of La0.39Pr0.24Ca0.37MnO3Wang, J; Jiang, Y; Wu, Z; Gao, J201388
An effective strategy for the synthesis of biocompatible gold nanoparticles using danshensu antioxidant: prevention of cytotoxicity via attenuation of free radical formationDu, L; Miao, X; Jiang, Y; Jia, H; Tian, Q; Shen, J; Liu, Y2013155
Reliability-based stochastic transit assignment with capacity constraints: formulation and solution methodSzeto, WY; Jiang, Y; Wong, KI; Solayappan, M2013154
Bilevel transit network design problem: Artificial Bee Colony ApproachSzeto, WY; Jiang, Y; Wong, SC201269
Numerical simulation of a continuum model for bi-directional pedestrian flowJiang, Y; Wong, SC; Zhang, P; Liu, R; Duan, Y; Choi, K2012141
Sustainable Road Network Design Problem with Land Use Transportation Interaction over TimeSzeto, WY; Jiang, Y; Sumalee, A; Wong, SC201273
Cynarin-rich sunflower (Helianthus annuus) sprouts possess both antiglycative and antioxidant activitiesSun, Z; Chen, J; Ma, J; Jiang, Y; Wang, M; Ren, G; Chen, F2012135
One-year follow-up of patients with melamine-induced urolithiasis in Southwest ChinaDai, Q; Jiang, Y; Tu, W; Luo, H; Wang, Z; Lau, YL; Shi, H; Yang, H201299
Geochemistry and Nd isotopic composition of the Early Paleozoic flysch sequence in the Chinese Altai, Central Asia: evidence for a northward-derived mafic source and insight into Nd model ages in accretionary orogenLong, X; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Xiao, W; Wang, Y; Cai, K; Jiang, Y2012178
A hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm for transit network designSzeto, WY; Jiang, Y201289
The high-grade Tseel Terrane in SW Mongolia: an early Paleozoic arc system or a Precambrian sliver?Jiang, Y; Sun, M; Kroner, A; Tumurkhuu, D; Long, X; Zhao, G; Yuan, C; Xiao, W2012124
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