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Nerve-targeted desensitizing toothpastes occlude dentin tubules and induce mineral precipitationWang, Z; Jiang, T; Sauro, S; Wang, Y; Xing, W; Liang, S; Sa, Y; Zhang, C; Shen, Y; Haapasalo, M2012156
Schizophrenic patients and their unaffected siblings share increased resting-state connectivity in the task-negative network but not its anticorrelated task-positive networkLiu, H; Kaneko, Y; Ouyang, X; Li, L; Hao, Y; Chen, EYH; Jiang, T; Zhou, Y; Liu, Z2012642
The chemokine CXCL12 and its receptor CXCR4 promote glioma stem cell-mediated VEGF production and tumour angiogenesis via PI3K/AKT signallingPing, YF; Yao, XH; Jiang, JY; Zhao, LT; Yu, SC; Jiang, T; Lin, MCM; Chen, JH; Wang, B; Zhang, R; Cui, YH; Qian, C; Wang, JM; Bian, XW2011127
Resistance to activation-induced cell death and elevated FLIPL expression of CD4+ T cells in a polyI:C-induced primary biliary cirrhosis mouse modelJiang, T; Han, Z; Chen, S; Wu, C; Tang, Y; Qian, C; Chen, Y; Zhou, Y; Zhu, Y; Gu, M; Zhu, L; Yao, D; Deng, A; Zhong, R2009175
Overexprressing AtPAP15 enhances phosphorus efficiency in Soybean1[W][OA]Wang, XR; Wang, YX; Jiang, T; Lim, BL; Yan, XL; Liao, H2009153
A modified suspension spray combined with particle gradation method for preparation of protonic ceramic membrane fuel cellsXie, K; Yan, R; Dong, D; Wang, S; Chen, X; Jiang, T; Lin, B; Wei, M; Liu, X; Meng, G2008135
A unified approach for processing unbalanced conditions in transient stability calculationsBai, X; Jiang, T; Guo, Z; Yan, Z; Ni, Y2006456
Deformation of the central pier of the permanent shiplock, Three Gorges Project, China: An analysis case studyHuang, ZQ; Jiang, T; Yue, ZQ; Lee, CF; Wang, SJ2003121
Reactivity of [M(CO)4(nbd)] (M = Cr or Mo;nbd = norbornadiene) toward (Ph2PN)C(Ph)[N(SiMe3)2] and C6H4{C[N(SiMe3)2]-(NPPh2)}2-1,4Wong, WK; Sun, CD; Jiang, T; Wong, WT; Xue, F; Mak, TCW1997110
Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of (cis-PdCl2)2[Ph2PNH)(NH)CC6H4C(NH)(NHPPh2)]·6DMFWong, WK; Jiang, T; Kwong, DWJ; Wong, WT1995111
Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of cis-(CO)4Cr[(Me3SiN)C(Ph)(NHPPh2)]Wong, WK; Jiang, T; Kwong, DWJ; Wong, WT1995105
Dalton communications. Synthesis and crystal structure of [RuCl2(PPh3){N(SiMe3)C(Ph)NH(PPh2)}]Wong, WK; Jiang, T; Wong, WT199582
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