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Identification and Structural Characterization of a Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Targeting a Novel Conserved Epitope on Influenza H5N1 Hemagglutinin.Du, L; Jin, L; Zhao, G; Sun, S; Li, J; Yu, H; Li, Y; Zheng, B; Liddington, R; Zhou, Y; Jiang, S201332
Flexible Geospatial Platform for Distributed and Collaborative Urban ModellingZhu, Y; Diao, M; Ferreira, J; Li, W; Jiang, S201341
Loss of brain-enriched miR-124 microRNA enhances stem-like traits and invasiveness of glioma cellsXia, H; Cheung, WKC; Ng, SS; Jiang, X; Jiang, S; Sze, J; Leung, GKK; Lu, G; Chan, DTM; Bian, XW; Kung, HF; Poon, WS; Lin, MC2012197
Short-Range Surface Plasmon Polaritons for Extraordinary Low Transmission Through Ultra-Thin Metal Films with NanopatternsGan, Q; Bai, W; Jiang, S; Gao, Y; Li, W; Wu, W; Bartoli, FJ2012134
Geospatial Platform for Collaborative Land Use, Transportation and Environment ModellingZhu, Y; Diao, M; Ferreira, J; Li, W; Jiang, S2012118
The impact of infrastructure investment to coordinated urban and rural development in ChinaJiang, S; Shen, L; Lu, W; Zhou, L201196
CL-385319 inhibits H5N1 avian influenza A virus infection by blocking viral entryLiu, S; Li, R; Zhang, R; Chan, CCS; Xi, B; Zhu, Z; Yang, J; Poon, VKM; Zhou, J; Chen, M; Münch, J; Kirchhoff, F; Pleschka, S; Haarmann, T; Dietrich, U; Pan, C; Du, L; Jiang, S; Zheng, B2011339
Modelling the mode choice behaviour of visitors to Expo 2010Du, Y; Jiang, S; Sun, L; Wong, SC2011187
A recombinant vaccine of H5N1 HA1 fused with foldon and human IgG Fc induced complete cross-clade protection against divergent H5N1 virusesDu, L; Leung, VHC; Jiang, S; Zheng, B2011194
A recombinant vaccine of H5N1 HA1 fused with foldon and human IgG Fc induced complete cross-clade protection against divergent H5N1 virusesDu, L; Leung, VHC; Zhang, X; Zhou, J; Chen, M; He, W; Zhang, HY; Chan, CCS; Poon, VKM; Zhao, G; Sun, S; Cai, L; Zhou, Y; Zheng, BJ; Jiang, S2011676
Critical assessment indicators for measuring benefits of rural infrastructure investment in ChinaShen, L; Lu, W; Peng, Y; Jiang, S2011225
MiRNA-20a promotes osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by co-regulating BMP signalingZhang, JF; Fu, WM; He, ML; Xie, WD; Lv, Q; Wan, G; Li, G; Wang, H; Lu, G; Hu, X; Jiang, S; Li, JN; Lin, MCM; Zhang, YO; Kung, HF2011134
Information infrastructure for research collaboration in land use, transportation, and environmental planningFerreira Jr, J; Diao, M; Zhu, Y; Li, W; Jiang, S2010167
miR-200a-mediated downregulation of ZEB2 and CTNNB1 differentially inhibits nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell growth, migration and invasionXia, H; Ng, SS; Jiang, S; Cheung, WKC; Sze, J; Bian, XW; Kung, Hf; Lin, MC2010191
Induction of protection against divergent H5N1 influenza viruses using a recombinant fusion protein linking influenza M2e to Onchocerca volvulus activation associated protein-1 (ASP-1) adjuvantZhao, G; Du, L; Xiao, W; Sun, S; Lin, Y; Chen, M; Kou, Z; He, Y; Lustigman, S; Jiang, S; Zheng, BJ; Zhou, Y2010325
Development of a safe and convenient neutralization assay for rapid screening of influenza HA-specific neutralizing monoclonal antibodiesDu, L; Zhao, G; Zhang, X; Liu, Z; Yu, H; Zheng, BJ; Zhou, Y; Jiang, S2010700
An H5N1 M2e-based multiple antigenic peptide vaccine confers heterosubtypic protection from lethal infection with pandemic 2009 H1N1 virusZhao, G; Sun, S; Du, L; Xiao, W; Ru, Z; Kou, Z; Guo, Y; Yu, H; Jiang, S; Lone, Y; Zheng, BJ; Zhou, Y2010287
A 219-mer CHO-expressing receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV S protein induces potent immune responses and protective immunityDu, L; Zhao, G; Chan, CC; Li, L; He, Y; Zhou, Y; Zheng, BJ; Jiang, S2010334
miR-200a regulates epithelial-mesenchymal to stem-like transition via ZEB2 and β-catenin signalingXia, H; Cheung, WKC; Sze, J; Lu, G; Jiang, S; Yao, H; Bian, XW; Poon, WS; Kung, HF; Lin, MC2010210
Potent and broad neutralizing activity of a single chain antibody fragment against cell-free and cell-associated HIV-1Zhang, MY; Borges, AR; Ptak, RG; Wang, Y; Dimitrov, AS; Alam, SM; Wieczorek, L; Bouma, P; Fouts, T; Jiang, S; Polonis, VR; Haynes, BF; Quinnan, GV; Montefiori, DC; Dimitrov, DS2010362
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