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Potent neutralization of MERS-CoV by human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to the viral spike glycoprotein
Sci Transl Med
Jiang, L; Wang, N; Zuo, T; Shi, X; Poon, KM; Wu, Y; Gao, F; Li, D; Wang, R; Guo, J; Fu, L; Yuen, KY; Zheng, B; Wang, X; Zhang, L201434
2014. The subcellular localization of rice ACBPs indicates that OsACBP6-GFP is targeted to the peroxisome
New Phytologist
MENG, W; HSIAO, AS; Gao, C; Jiang, L; Chye, ML201425
Improved key integrity checking for high-speed quantum key distribution using combinatorial group testing with strongly selective family design
Quantum Information Processing
Springer. The Journal's web site is located at
Fang, J; Jiang, L; Ren, K; Luo, Y; Chen, Z; Liu, W; Wang, X; Niu, X; Yiu, SM; Hui, CK201420
Clinical, molecular, and T cell subset analyses in a small cohort of Chinese patients with hyper-IgM syndrome type 1
Human Immunology
Tang, W; An, Y; Dai, R; Wang, Q; Jiang, L; Tang, X; Yang, X; Yu, JIE; Tu, W; Zhao, X201410
The determinants of pollution levels: Firm-level evidence from Chinese manufacturing
Journal of Comparative Economics
Jiang, L; Lin, C; Lin, P2014158
Molecular biology and genetic application in gynecologic pathology (In Chinese)
Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology (In Chinese)
Jiang, L; Cheung, ANY2013117
Effects of the tibetan plateau crustal structure on the inversion of water trend rates using simulated GRACE/GPS data
Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Wang, H; Xiang, L; Wu, P; Steffen, H; Jia, L; Jiang, L; Shen, Q201362
Detection of image region duplication using spin image
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
Denshi Jouhou Tsuushin Gakkai. The Journal's web site is located at
Song, XH; Wang, S; Yiu, SM; Jiang, L; Niu, XM201368
Stem cell transcription factor NANOG controls cell migration and invasion via dysregulation of E-cadherin and FoxJ1 and contributes to adverse clinical outcome in ovarian cancers
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Siu, MKY; Wong, ESY; Kong, DSH; Chan, HY; Jiang, L; Wong, OGW; Lam, EWF; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Cheung, AN2013229
Pick1 and ica69 control insulin granule trafficking and their deficiencies lead to impaired glucose tolerance.
PLOS Biology
Cao, M; Mao, Z; Kam, C; Xiao, N; Cao, X; Shen, C; Cheng, KY; Xu, A; Lee, KM; Jiang, L; Xia, J201393
Increased water storage in North America and Scandinavia from GRACE gravity data
Nature Geoscience
Wang, H; Jia, L; Steffen, H; Wu, P; Jiang, L; Hsu, H; Xiang, L; Wang, Z; Hu, B201380
On Perturbation Bounds for the Joint Stationary Distribution of Multivariate Markov Chain Models
East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics
Li, W; Jiang, L; Ching, WK; Cui, L201389
A Dual Cube Hashing Scheme for Solving Hard Disk Integrity Verification Problem
International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications (JDCTA)
Fang, J; Jiang, L; Yiu, SM; Chow, KP; Hui, CK; Chen, L; Niu, X; Wang, X2012177
Investigating and analyzing the web-based contents on Chinese Shanzhai mobile phones
International Workshop on Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering
Fang, J; Jiang, L; He, MF; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK; Chow, KP201274
iASPP and chemoresistance in ovarian cancers: paclitaxel-mediated mitotic catastrophe and apoptosis
Croucher ASI on Tumour Microenvironment - New Concepts and Molecular Mechanisms 2012
Wong, GW; Jiang, L; Cheung, ANY2012116
A dual-targeted purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thaliana moderates carbon metabolism and its overexpression leads to faster plant growth and higher seed yield
New Phytologist
Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Sun, F; Suen, PK; Zhang, Y; Liang, C; Carrie, C; Whelan, J; Ward, JL; Hawkins, ND; Jiang, L; Lim, BL2012411
Polymer-based fluoride-selective chemosensor: Synthesis, sensing property, and its use for the design of molecular-scale logic devices
Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Lu, W; Chen, D; Jiang, H; Jiang, L; Shen, Z2012201
Linkage of cardiac gene expression profiles and ETS2 with lifespan variability in rats
Aging Cell
Sheydina, A; Volkova, M; Jiang, L; Juhasz, O; Zhang, J; Tae, H-J; Perino, MG; Wang, M; Zhu, Y; Lakatta, EG; Boheler, KR201251
Volume increases in putamen associated with positive symptom reduction in previously drug-naive schizophrenia after 6 weeks antipsychotic treatment
Psychological Medicine
Cambridge University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Li, M; Chen, Z; Deng, W; He, Z; Wang, Q; Jiang, L; Ma, X; Wang, Y; Chua, SE; Cheung, C; McAlonan, GM; Sham, PC; Collier, DA; Gong, Q; Li, T2012273
Paradoxical Impact of Two Folate Receptors, FRα and RFC, in Ovarian Cancer: Effect on Cell Proliferation, Invasion and Clinical Outcome
Siu, MKY; Kong, DSH; Chan, HY; Wong, ESY; Ip, PPC; Jiang, L; Ngan, HYS; Le, X-F; Cheung, ANY201247
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