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On the adoption of MC/DC and control-flow adequacy for a tight integration of program testing and statistical fault localizationJiang, B; Zhai, K; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Zhang, Z201364
Postnatal tuning of the vestibulo-olivo- cerebellar circuitry for spatial codingChan, YS; Lai, SK; Jiang, B; Lai, CH201229
Secondhand smoke exposure predicted chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other tobacco related mortality in a 17-years cohort study in ChinaHe, Y; Jiang, B; Li, LS; Li, LS; Ko, SF; Wu, L; Sun, DL; He, SF; Liang, BQ; Hu, FB; Lam, TH201266
Endocannabinoid receptor-dependent development of inhibitory synapses in layer 2/3 and layer 5 but not in layer 4 of mouse visual cortexSun, W; Tie, X; Chan, YS; Jiang, B201246
Preemptive regression test scheduling strategies: a new testing approach to thriving on the volatile service environmentsMei, LJ; Zhai, K; Jiang, B; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2012107
How well does test case prioritization integrate with statistical fault localization?Jiang, B; Zhang, Z; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Chen, TY2012112
Four and a half LIM protein 2 (FHL2) negatively regulates the transcription of E-cadherin through interaction with Snail1Zhang, W; Wang, J; Zou, B; Sardet, C; Li, J; Lam, CSC; Ng, L; Pang, R; Hung, IFN; Tan, VPY; Jiang, B; Wong, BCY2011283
XIAP-associated factor 1 interacts with and attenuates the trans-activity of four and a Half LIM protein 2Zhang, W; Yang, Y; Jiang, B; Peng, J; Tu, S; Sardet, C; Zhang, Y; Pang, R; Hung, IF; Tan, VPY; Lam, CS; Wang, J; Wong, BC2011136
List of Reviewers - 2010Thill, JC; Yeh, AG; Jiang, B201143
Study design and the preliminary results on the modes of smoking cessation in general hospitals (in Chinese)He, Y; Lam, TH; Jiang, B; Liu, QH; Zuo, F; Sai, XY; Zhou, CX; Zou, L; Wu, L; Cheng, KK; Chan, SSC2011547
On practical adequate test suites for integrated test case prioritization and fault localizationJiang, B; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2011189
Assuring the model evolution of protocol software specifications by regression testing process improvementJiang, B; Tse, TH; Grieskamp, W; Kicillof, N; Cao, Y; Li, X; Chan, WK2011148
Precise propagation of fault-failure correlations in program flow graphsZhang, Z; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Jiang, B201180
Rapid magnetic-mediated solid-phase extraction and pre-concentration of selected endocrine disrupting chemicals in natural waters by poly(divinylbenzene-co-methacrylic acid) coated Fe3O4 core-shell magnetite microspheres for their liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry determinationLi, Q; Lam, MHW; Wu, RSS; Jiang, B2010632
Regression testing process improvement for specification evolution of real-world protocol softwareJiang, B; Tse, TH; Grieskamp, W; Kicillof, N; Cao, Y; Li, X2010111
Transgenic Plasmodium that expresses HIV-1 Gag elicits immunity and protects mice against vaccinia virus-gag and malarial parasitesJiang, B; Qin, L; Du, Y; Peng, N; Chen, L; Chen, Z; Chen, X2010120
Four-and-a-half LIM protein 2 promotes invasive potential and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in colon cancerZhang, W; Jiang, B; Guo, Z; Sardet, C; Zou, B; Lam, CSC; Li, J; He, M; Lan, HY; Pang, R; Hung, IFN; Tan, VPY; Wang, J; Wong, BC2010305
Fault localization through evaluation sequencesZhang, Z; Jiang, B; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Wang, X2010221
Taking advantage of service selection: A study on the testing of location-based web services through test case prioritizationZhai, K; Jiang, B; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2010232
c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK1) upregulates XIAP-associated factor 1 (XAF1) through interferon regulatory factor 1 (IRF-1) in gastrointestinal cancerWang, J; Zhang, W; Zhang, Y; Chen, Y; Zou, B; Jiang, B; Pang, R; Gu, Q; Qiao, L; Lan, H; Kung, HF; Wong, BCY200987
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