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Synergy of isoflurane preconditioning and propofol postconditioning reduces myocardial reperfusion injury in patientsHuang, Z; Zhong, X; Irwin, MG; Ji, S; Wong, GTC; Liu, Y; Xia, ZY; Finegan, BA; Xia, Z2011241
Articulatory reduction in Mandarin Chinese wordsBerry, J; Ji, S; Fasel, I; Archangeli, D201144
Remifentanil reduces the release of biochemical markers of myocardial damage after coronary artery bypass surgery: A randomized trialWong, GTC; Huang, Z; Ji, S; Irwin, MG2010228
Research on defect inspection system of crystal oscillator shell based on computer visionXie, P; Ji, S; Cheng, Y2008185
Microbial response to salinity change in Lake Chaka, a hypersaline lake on Tibetan plateauJiang, H; Dong, H; Yu, B; Liu, X; Li, Y; Ji, S; Zhang, CL2007102
Zircon U-Pb geochronology of gneissic rocks in the Yunkai massif and its implications on the Caledonian event in the South China BlockWang, Y; Fan, W; Zhao, G; Ji, S; Peng, T200782
N-Myc downstream-regulated gene 2 (NDRG2) inhibits glioblastoma cell proliferationDeng, Y; Yao, L; Chau, L; Ng, SSM; Peng, Y; Liu, X; Au, WS; Wang, J; Li, F; Ji, S; Han, H; Nie, X; Li, Q; Kung, HF; Leung, SY; Lin, MCM2003232
Synthesis and characterization of super water absorbent resin of binary copolymerLu, J; Zhu, X; Ji, S; Chen, W; Xue, M; Xia, Z1998138
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