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Impact and quantification of the sources of error in DNA pooling designsJawaid, A; Sham, P200984
Is haplotype tagging the panacea to association mapping studies?Jawaid, A; Sham, PC; Makoff, AJ; Asherson, PJ200440
Optimal selection strategies for QTL mapping using pooled DNA samplesJawaid, A; Bader, JS; Purcell, S; Cherny, SS; Sham, P200295
A generalised threshold defined case-control selection strategy for QTL association mapping in pooled DNA samplesJawaid, A; Purcell, S; Cherny, S; Sham, P200185
Linkage disequilibrium mapping of complex traits using SNP and microsatellite markersCollier, DA; Li, T; Breen, G; Hu, X; Zhao, JH; Jawaid, A; Liu, X; St Clair, D; Sham, P200048
Candidate transmission disequilibrium analysis for quantitative traits in tourette syndrome in a chinese family trio sampleJawaid, A; Huang, Y; Li, T; Hu, X; Liu, X; Guo, L; Ma, X; Liu, J; Zhao, J; Collier, D; Sham, P200062
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