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Modelling the process of superheated steam drying using computational fluid dynamics approachesIp, RWL2012104
Modelling of diffusion process using analytical heat/mass transfer theories to study the drying of porous fabricIp, RWL201242
Computational simulations on through-drying of yarn packages with superheated steamIp, RWL; Wan, EIC201248
The new use of diffusion theories for the design of heat setting process in fabric dryingIp, RWL; Wan, IC201280
A new digital audio system design to cope with High Audio Scene (HAS) encoding technology for all round applicationsIp, RWL; Ip, PWH201247
Development of nonlinear analytical models for the study of heat/mass transfer properties in the drying of porous type fabricIp, RWL; Wan, EIC201251
New use heat transfer theories for the design of heat setting machines for precise post-treatment of dyed fabricsIp, RWL; Wan, EIC2011271
Experimental studies on the drying rate of porous type knitted fabricsIp, RWL201040
Review and comparison of shearography and active thermography for nondestructive evaluationHung, YY; Chen, YS; Ng, SP; Liu, L; Huang, YH; Luk, BL; Ip, RWL; Wu, CML200929
Select the best surface fitting approach for the reconstruction of high quality 3-D objects from range-image dataIp, RWL; Yeung, ACW; Chan, FTS; LAu, HCW2006152
A virtual case benchmarking scheme for vendors' performance assessmentLau, HCW; Lau, PKH; Fung, RYK; Chan, FTS; Ip, RWL2005132
Simplifying surface fitting with fuzzy modelling on a face profileIp, RWL; So, AYC; Chan, FTS; Lau, HCW200593
Implementation of total productive maintenance: A case studyChan, FTS; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL; Chan, HK; Kong, S2005246
Use fuzzy models to assist surface modelling procedures for the simplicaiton of reverse engineering cyclesIp, RWL; So, AYC; Chan, FTS; Lau, HCW200492
Optimization of order fulfilment reliability in distribution network with multi-criterion genetic algorithmsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL2004109
Implementation of logistics information system to support reverse logistics - a case studyLau, HCW; Lee, CKM; Choy, KL; Ip, WH; Chan, FTS; Ip, RWL2004226
A rapid human figure features modelling strategy for the design of orthopaedic surgical toolsIp, RWL; Chan, FTS200490
Optimization methodology with genetic algorithms and analytic hierarchy processes in supply chainsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Wong, TC; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL; Finke, G200395
Genetic optimization methodology with analytic hierarchy process in supply chainsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL; Finke, G200377
An economical sculptured surface machining approach using fuzzy models and ball-nosed cuttersIp, RWL; Lau, HCW; Chan, FTS2003136
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