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Holocene and Lateglacial relative sea-level change in north-west England: implications for glacial isostatic adjustment modelsLloyd, JM; Zong, Y; Fish, P; Innes, JB201321
Environmental change and Neolithic settlement movement in the lower Yangtze wetlands of ChinaZong, Y; Innes, JB; Wang, Z; Chen, Z2012116
Holocene environmental change and Neolithic rice agriculture in the lower Yangtze region of China: A reviewZong, Y; Wang, Z; Innes, JB; Chen, Z2012143
Mid-Holocene coastal hydrology and salinity changes in the east Taihu area of the lower Yangtze wetlands, ChinaZong, Y; Innes, JB; Wang, Z; Chen, Z2011150
Environmental change linked to changes in the Neolithic agricultural development in the east coast of ChinaZong, Y; Wang, Z; Chen, Z; Innes, JB201056
Environmental history, palaeoecology and human activity at the early Neolithic forager/cultivator site at Kuahuqiao, Hangzhou, eastern ChinaInnes, JB; Zong, Y; Chen, Z; Chen, C; Wang, Z; Wang, H2009171
Fire and flood management of coastal swamp enabled first rice paddy cultivation in east ChinaZong, Y; Chen, Z; Innes, JB; Chen, C; Wang, Z; Wang, H2007124
Tidal marsh stratigraphy, sea-level change and large earthquakes, I: A 5000 year record in Washington, U.S.A.Shennan, I; Long, AJ; Rutherford, MM; Green, FM; Innes, JB; Lloyd, JM; Zong, Y; Walker, KJ1996110
Late Devensian and Holocene relative sea-level changes in northwestern Scotland: New data to test existing modelsShennan, I; Innes, JB; Long, AJ; Zong, Y199560
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