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Report of Cancer Expert Working Group on Cancer Prevention and ScreeningLam, TH; Leung, PY; Foo, W; Law, CK; Hwang, J; Lau, E; Leung, GM; Tang, JL; Tsang, L; Fabrizio, C; Moore, A; Hu, A; Sadler, K; Tsang, T; Tse, LY2004276
Deformation rigidity of the 20-dimensional F4-homogeneous space associated to a short rootHwang, J; Mok, N2004124
Holomorphic maps from rational homogeneous spaces of Picard number 1 onto projective manifoldsHwang, J; Mok, N1999226
Characterization and deformation-rigidity of compact irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces of rank >=2 among Fano manifoldsHwang, J; Mok, N199898
Rigidity of irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces of the compact type under Ke4hler deformationHwang, J; Mok, N1997104
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