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Burden of smoking for CVD in Asia-PacificLam, TH; Woodward, M; Huxley, R201329
Burden of smoking for CVD in Asia-PacificLam, TH; Woodward, M; Huxley, R201331
The first decade of the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationLam, TH; Woodward, M; Huxley, R201326
The first decade of the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration (APCSC)Lam, TH; Woodward, M; Huxley, R201332
The Asia Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration: A decade of achievementsWoodward, M; Huxley, R; Ueshima, H; Fang, XH; Kim, HC; Lam, TH201225
Does body mass index impact on the relationship between systolic blood pressure and cardiovascular disease?: meta-analysis of 419 488 individuals from the Asia Pacific cohort studies collaborationTsukinoki, R; Murakami, Y; Huxley, R; Ohkubo, T; Fang, X; Suh, I; Ueshima, H; Lam, TH; Woodward, M2012151
Impact of excess weight on the relationship between blood pressure and cardiovascular disease; the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationTsukinoki, R; Murakami, Y; Huxley, R; Lam, TH; Fang, X; Suh, I; Ohkubo, T; Ueshima, H; Woodward, M2011119
The discrimination of dyslipidaemia using anthropometric measures in ethnically diverse populations of the Asia-pacific region: The obesity in Asia collaborationBarzi, F; Woodward, M; Czernichow, S; Lee, CMY; Kang, JH; Janus, E; Lear, S; Patel, A; Caterson, I; Patel, J; Lam, TH; Suriyawongpaisal, P; Huxley, R2010203
Blood pressure is a major risk factor for renal death: An analysis of 560 352 participants from the asia-pacific regionO'seaghdha, CM; Perkovic, V; Lam, TH; Mcginn, S; Barzi, F; Gu, DF; Cass, A; Suh, I; Muntner, P; Giles, GG; Ueshima, H; Woodward, M; Huxley, R200992
Obesity and liver cancer mortality in Asia: The Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationBatty, GD; Barzi, F; Huxley, R; Chang, CY; Jee, SH; Jamrozik, K; Kim, HC; Fang, X; Lam, TH; Woodward, M2009134
Smoking and the risk of upper aero digestive tract cancers for men and women in the asia-pacific regionAnsaryMoghaddam, A; Martiniuk, A; Lam, TH; Jamrozik, K; Tamakoshi, A; Fang, X; Suh, Il; Barzi, F; Huxley, R; Woodward, M2009205
Smoking, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in men in the Asia Pacific region.Kengne, AP; Nakamura, K; Barzi, F; Lam, TH; Huxley, R; Gu, D; Patel, A; Kim, HC; Woodward, M; Asia Pacific Cohort Study Collaboration200986
Does cigarette smoking exacerbate the effect of total cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol on the risk of cardiovascular diseases?Nakamura, K; Barzi, F; Huxley, R; Lam, TH; Suh, I; Woo, J; Kim, HC; Feigin, VL; Gu, D; Woodward, M2009177
Is central obesity a better discriminator of the risk of hypertension than body mass index in ethnically diverse populations?Huxley, R; Barzi, F; Lee, CMY; Janus, E; Lam, TH; Caterson, I; Lear, S; Patel, J; Shaw, J; Adam, J; Oh, SW; Kang, JH; Zimmet, P; Woodward, M2008146
Cigarette smoking, systolic blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases in the asia-pacific regionNakamura, K; Barzi, F; Lam, TH; Huxley, R; Feigin, VL; Ueshima, H; Woo, J; Gu, D; Ohkubo, T; Lawes, CMM; Suh, I; Woodward, M2008115
Elevated total cholesterol: Its prevalence and population attributable fraction for mortality from coronary heart disease and ischaemic stroke in the Asia-Pacific regionWoodward, M; Martiniuk, A; Ying Lee, CM; Lam, TH; Vanderhoorn, S; Ueshima, H; Fang, X; Kim, HC; Rodgers, A; Patel, A; Jamrozik, K; Huxley, R2008182
Association of smoking and smoking cessation with major causes of mortality in the Asia Pacific Region: The Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationBarzi, F; Huxley, R; Jamrozik, K; Lam, TH; Ueshima, H; Gu, D; Kim, HC; Woodward, M2008260
Impact of smoking and smoking cessation on lung cancer mortality in the Asia-Pacific regionHuxley, R; Jamrozik, K; Lam, TH; Barzi, F; AnsaryMoghaddam, A; Jiang, CQ; Suh, I; Woodward, M2007127
Waist circumference thresholds provide an accurate and widely applicable method for the discrimination of diabetesHuxley, R; Barzi, F; Lee, CMY; Lear, S; Shaw, J; Lam, TH; Caterson, I; Azizi, F; Petal, J; Suriyawongpaisal, P; Oh, SW; Kang, JH; Gill, T; Zimmet, P; James, PT; Woodward, M2007149
The impact of modifiable risk factors on mortality from prostate cancer in populations of the Asia-Pacific RegionAnsary-Moghaddam, A; Huxley, R; Lam, TH; Ohkubo, T; Fang, X; Jee, SH; Woodward, M200774
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