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Guanxi’s Effects on Market Performance in China: Challenges of Internalizing Guanxi and Avoiding its Dark Sides', manuscript under review atGu, FF; Hung, KHK; Tse, DKC2007281
Multiple Reference Effects on Service Satisfaction and Commitment: Roles of Alternative Attractiveness and Self-Image Congruity'Yim, BCK; Chan, W; Hung, KHK2007173
A Social Institutional Approach to Identifying Generation Cohorts in China with a Comparison to American ConsumersHung, KHK; Gu, FF; Yim, BCK200776
Do Social Instituttions Matter to Markets in Transition? Investigationg Consumer Sentiment in China'Yim, BCK; Hung, KHK; Zhou, J.N; Zhu, J2006104
The Effectiveness of Joint-Venture and Local Lifestyle Magazines in China'Gu, F; Hung, KHK; Tse, DKC2005210
Determinants for Consumption Materialism among Late Adolescents in China'Gu, F; Hung, KHK; Tse, DKC2005203
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