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A randomisd comparison of two inranaal dexmedetomidine doses for premedication in childrenYuen, VMY; Hui, TWC; Irwin, MG; Yao, TJ; Chan, L; Wong, GL; Shahnaz Hasan, M; Shariffuddin, II201231
Living Donor Liver Transplantation (2nd ed.)Fan, ST; Wei, WI; Yong, BH; Hui, TWC; Chiu, A; Lee, PWH2011175
Split graft liver transplant for paediatric patients in Hong KongChung, PHY; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH; Chan, KL; Ng, KKC; Chan, SC; Hui, TWC; Yong, BH; Fan, ST; Lo, CM2009259
Prospective randomized, single-blinded comparison of laparoscopic versus open repair of pediatric inguinal herniaChan, KL; Hui, TWC; Tam, PKH200462
Desmopressin does not decrease blood loss and transfusion requirements in patients undergoing hepatectomyWong, AYC; Irwin, MG; Hui, TWC; Fung, SKY; Fan, ST; Ma, ESK2003102
EMLA® cream versus dorsal penile nerve block for postcircumcision analgesia in childrenChoi, WY; Irwin, MG; Hui, TWC; Lim, HH; Chan, KL200399
Propofol effective concentration 50 and its relationship to bispectral indexIrwin, MG; Hui, TWC; Milne, SE; Kenny, GNC200293
The effect of desmopressin on blood loss and coagulation during hepatectomy (abstract)Wong, BYC; Hui, TWC; Irwin, MG; Fan, ST; Ma, E199983
Gastric electrical activity becomes more stable in post-natal gut developmentCheng, W; Hui, TWC; Tam, PKH199966
An audit of the safety of an acute pain serviceTsui, SL; Irwin, MG; Wong, CML; Fung, SKY; Hui, TWC; Ng, KFJ; Chan, WS; O'Reagan, AM199796
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