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Gene selection using iterative feature elimination random forests for survival outcomesPang, H; George, SL; Hui, K; Tong, T201217
Interferon dysregulation and virus-induced cell death in avian influenza H5N1 virus infections.Lee, DC; Law, AH; Hui, K; Tam, AH; Peiris, JS; Lau, AS2012152
PPAR-γ signaling and IL-5 inhibition together prevent chronic rejection of MHC Class IImismatched cardiac graftsChen, Y; Li, D; Tsang, JYS; Niu, N; Peng, J; Zhu, J; Hui, K; Xu, A; Lui, VCH; Lamb, JR; Tam, PKH2011376
Dependence of μ-conotoxin block of sodium channels on ionic strength but not on the permeating [Na+]. Implications for the distinctive mechanistic interactions between Na+ and K+ channel pore-blocking toxins and their molecular targetsLi, RA; Hui, K; French, RJ; Sato, K; Henrikson, CA; Tomaselli, GF; Marbán, E2003144
Multivariable saturation compensator designs through singular value decompositionsHui, K; Chan, CW1999228
Noise attenuation of compensators for rate and amplitude contrained systemsHui, K; Chan, CW1999109
Design of compensators for systems with rate and amplitude constraintsHui, K; Chan, CW199876
On the existence of globally stable actuator saturation compensatorsChan, CW; Hui, K1998100
Anti-reset wind-up designs using LQG/Ha5 and frequency domain method'sHui, K; Chan, CW1998146
A variable structure compensator for rate and amplitude constrained systemsHui, K; Chan, CW199882
Design of locally stable actuator saturation compensators in the frequency domainChan, CW; Hui, K199888
Control synthesis versus saturation compensation for systems with rate and amplitude constraintsHui, K; Chan, CW1998224
Stability of systmes with deadzone nonlinearityHui, K; Chan, CW1998450
On variable structure actuator saturation compensatorsChan, CW; Hui, K199792
A saturation compensation approach for constrained velocity algorithms of PID controllers with amplitude limitsHui, K; Chan, CW1997101
New design methods of actuator saturation compensators for PID controllersHui, K; Chan, CW199791
Globally stable compensators for systems with actuator saturationChan, CW; Hui, K199782
On noise rejection property of actuator saturation compensatorsHui, K; Chan, CW199789
A stability analysis of controllers subject to amplitude and rate constraintsHui, K; Chan, CW1997212
Variable structure compensators for system subject to actuator saturationChan, CW; Hui, K; Cheung, KC1997110
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