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Optimized operator-splitting methods in numerical integration of Maxwell's equationsHuang, ZX; Wu, XL; Sha, WEI; Wu, B2012143
High-efficiency scattering analysis of Nth-order dispersive media over a broad frequency bandChen, MS; Wu, Q; Sha, W; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL2010103
Model based parameter estimation accelerated by lifting wavelet-like transformChen, MS; Wu, Q; Sha, W; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL201093
Adaptive frequency sweep analysis for electromagnetic problems using the Thiele interpolating continued fractionsChen, MS; Sha, WEI; Sun, YX; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL2010167
Fast computation of radar cross-section by fast multipole method in conjunction with lifting wavelet-like transformChen, MS; Sha, WEI; Wu, Q; Huang, ZX; Wu, XL2010188
Important roles of the conserved linker-KKS in human neuronal growth inhibitory factorDing, ZC; Teng, XC; Zheng, Q; Ni, FY; Cai, B; Wang, Y; Zhou, GM; Sun, HZ; Tan, XS; Huang, ZX200983
Scheme of symplectic FDTDHuang, ZX; Sha, W; Wu, XL; Chen, MS; Kuang, XJ200983
The structural and biological significance of the EAAEAE insert in the α-domain of human neuronal growth inhibitory factorCai, B; Ding, ZC; Zhang, Q; Ni, FY; Wang, H; Zheng, Q; Wang, Y; Zhou, GM; Wang, KQ; Sun, HZ; Wu, HM; Huang, ZX200983
Waveguide simulation using the high-order symplectic finite-difference time-domain schemeSha, W; Wu, XL; Huang, ZX; Chen, MS200991
Scheme of symplectic FDTD using propagation techniqueHuang, ZX; Wu, XL; Chen, MS; Sha, W; Kuang, XJ200975
Application of second generation wavelet transform to solution of electromagnetic integral equationsChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX2009103
Fast multipole method accelerated by lifting wavelet transform schemeChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX200996
Optimized symplectic scheme for electromagnetic simulationsWu, B; Huang, ZX; Sha, W; Chen, MS; Dai, H200871
Application of the lifting wavelet-like transform to fast multipole methodsChen, MS; Wu, XL; Wei, S; Huang, ZX200863
High-order parabolic equation method for electromagnetic computationHuang, ZX; Bo, W; Wei, S; Chen, MS; Wu, XL; Hong, D200858
The effect of nitric oxide on metal release from metallothionein-3: Gradual unfolding of the proteinWang, H; Li, H; Cai, B; Huang, ZX; Sun, H200892
Hybrid lifting wavelet-like transform for solution of electromagnetic integral equationChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX200875
Study on structure-property-reactivity-function relationship of human neuronal growth inhibitory factor (hGIF)Ding, ZC; Zheng, Q; Cai, B; Ni, FY; Yu, WH; Teng, XC; Gao, Y; Liu, F; Chen, D; Wang, Y; Wu, HM; Sun, HZ; Zhang, MJ; Tan, XS; Huang, ZX2008438
Decomposition methods for time-domain Maxwell's equationsHuang, ZX; Sha, W; Wu, XL; Chen, MS200888
Fast and accurate radar cross-section computation over a broad frequency band using the best uniform rational approximationChen, MS; Wu, XL; Sha, W; Huang, ZX2008100
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