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Regarding "co-expression of SNAIL and TWIST determines prognosis in estrogen receptor-positive early breast cancer patients"
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
Springer New York LLC. The Journal's web site is located at
Yuen, HF; Zhang, SD; Wong, ASY; Mccrudden, CM; Huang, YH; Chan, KYK; ElTanani, M; Khoo, US2012168
Combinatorial use of bone morphogenetic protein 6, noggin and SOST significantly predicts cancer progression
Cancer Science
Blackwell Publishing Japan. The Journal's web site is located at
Yuen, HF; Mccrudden, CM; Grills, C; Zhang, SD; Huang, YH; Chan, KK; Chan, YP; Wong, MLY; Law, S; Srivastava, G; Fennell, DA; Dickson, G; ElTanani, M; Chan, KW2012255
Impact of oncogenic driver mutations on feedback between the PI3K and MEK pathways in cancer cells
Biosci Rep
Yuen, HF; Abramczyk, O; Montgomery, G; Chan, KK; Huang, YH; Sasazuki, T; Shirasawa, S; Srivastava, G; Chan, KW; Fennell, D; Janne, P; El-Tanani, M; Murray, JT2012143
Review and comparison of shearography and active thermography for nondestructive evaluation
Materials Science and Engineering R: reports
Elsevier SA. The Journal's web site is located at
Hung, YY; Chen, YS; Ng, SP; Liu, L; Huang, YH; Luk, BL; Ip, RWL; Wu, CML200988
In-situ Non-destructive Evaluation Of Concrete Structures Using Shearography
International Conference on Experimental Mechanics 2007
Hung, YY; Liu, L; Huang, YH; Yiu, CY2007159
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