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Mast cells activation contribute to small intestinal ischemia reperfusion induced acute lung injury in ratsHuang, P; Liu, D; Gan, X; Zhang, R; Gao, W; Xia, Z; Hei, Z2012106
Translationally controlled tumor protein induces mitotic defects and chromosome missegregation in hepatocellular carcinoma developmentChan, THM; Chen, L; Liu, M; Hu, L; Zheng, BJ; Poon, VKM; Huang, P; Yuan, YF; Huang, JD; Yang, J; Tsao, GSW; Guan, XY2012167
Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling and Selection of Differentially Expressed Genes for the EST DataYu, F; Chen, MH; Kuo, L; Huang, P; Yang, W2011237
Pathologically activated neuroprotection via uncompetitive blockade of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors with fast off-rate by novel multifunctional dimer bis(propyl)-cognitinLuo, J; Li, W; Zhao, Y; Fu, H; Ma, DL; Tang, J; Li, C; Peoples, RW; Li, F; Wang, Q; Huang, P; Xia, J; Pang, Y; Han, Y201096
Biomarker identification for early tumor detection aided by bioinformatics gene expression analysisYang, W; Huang, P; Zhao, M; Lau, YL2008140
Predicting the number and sizes of IBD regions among family members and evaluating the family size requirement for linkage studiesYang, W; Wang, Z; Wang, L; Sham, PC; Huang, P; Lau, YL2008328
Prediction of the linked regions and exclusion probabilities -- requirement on family sizes in linkage analysesYang, W; Wang, Z; Wang, L; Huang, P; Lau, YL2007108
Synergism between phospholipase D2 and sorbitol accumulation in diabetic cataract formation through modulation of Na,K-ATPase activity and osmotic stressHuang, P; Jiang, Z; Teng, S; Wong, YC; Frohman, MA; Chung, SK; Chung, SSM200689
Bayesian Analysis Of Est Data With Multiple Libraries And Multiple Types Of TissuesYu, F; Chen, MH; Lynn, K; Huang, P; Yang, W2006114
減輕貧困家庭的負擔:中國甘肅省基礎教育的家庭成本Bray, TM; Ding, X; Huang, P2004117
Problems on visualization of spatio-temporal dataHuang, P; Lai, PC200448
Reducing the Burden on the Poor: Household Costs of Basic Education in Gansu, ChinaBray, TM; Ding, X; Huang, P2004110
Laboratory diagnosis of four recent sporadic cases of community-acquired SARS, Guangdong Province, ChinaLiang, G; Chen, Q; Xu, J; Liu, Y; Lim, W; Peiris, JSM; Anderson, LJ; Ruan, L; Li, H; Kan, B; Di, B; Cheng, P; Chan, KH; Erdman, DD; Gu, S; Yan, X; Liang, W; Zhou, D; Haynes, L; Duan, S; Zhang, X; Zheng, H; Gao, Y; Tong, S; Li, D; Fang, L; Qin, P; Xu, W; Huang, J; Wan, Z; Zheng, K; Li, J; Deng, X; Diao, L; Zhou, H; Huang, P; Zhang, W; Zheng, H; Zhong, H; Xie, S; Li, W; Wang, J; Zhong, Y; Lin, J; Yan, M; Wang, H; Li, W; Zhang, E; Hao, Q; Dong, X; Wang, H; Zhou, W; Zhang, L; Wang, W; Zhuang, Y; Yu, J; Zhang, Q; Zhu, Z; Zhang, Y; Lai, M; Choy, P; Poon, LLM; Guan, Y; Peret, T; Felton, K; Emery, S; Chern, S; Cook, B; Lu, X; Tamin, A; Miao, C; Dillon, M200493
The Derivation of Skeleton Lines for Terrain FeaturesHuang, P; Lai, PC200291
The Detection of Significant Points and Simplification of Digitized CurvesHuang, P; Lai, PC2001108
Proteoglycans of normal human prostate and benign prostatic hyperplasiaWong, YC; Huang, P; Mei, H199478
Morphometric and stereological study of the seminal vesicle of the guinea pigHuang, P; Tam, CC; Wong, YC199266
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