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Role of regulatory T cells in natural immunity and sustained pharmacological control of chronic hepatitis B infection
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Hui, CK; Zhang, HY; Lee, PY; Mommeja-Marin, H; Yueng, YH; Leung, KW; Lu, L; Leung, N; Luk, JMC; Naoumov, NN; Huang, FP; Lau, G2006183
Functional conditioning of dendritic cells (DC) for DC-based tumour vaccines
9th Research Postgraduate Symposium, Faculty of Medicine, HKU, 4 December 2004
To, KW; Ma, L; Cheung, YL; Ko, KH; Fong, LP; Chiang, AKS; Huang, FP2004164
Regulatory T cells can be induced in orthotopic small bowel but not in cardiac allograft recipients treated with an unique FK506 regimen resulting in long-term survival of small bowel allograft
VIII International Small Bowel Transplant Symposium, Bal Harbour, Florida, U.S.A, 10-13 September 2003
Tian, L; Li, XS; Yuan, ZW; Huang, FP; Lamb, JR; Dallman, J; Tam, PKH2003134
A proinflammatory role of IL-18 in the development of spontaneous autoimmune disease
American Association of Immunologists. The Journal's web site is located at
Esfandiari, E; McInnes, IB; Lindop, G; Huang, FP; Field, M; Komai-Koma, M; Wei, XQ; Liew, FY2001266
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