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Repair of large osteochondral defects in a beagle model with a novel type I collagen/glycosaminoglycan-porous titanium biphasic scaffoldDuan, X; Zhu, X; Dong, X; Yang, J; Huang, F; Cen, S; Leung, FKL; Fan, H; Xiang, Z201339
Superior molecularly altered influenza virus hemagglutinin peptide 308-317 inhibits collagen-induced arthritis by inducing CD4+ treg cell expansionSun, J; Li, R; Guo, J; Jia, Y; Sun, X; Liu, Y; Li, Y; Huang, F; Lu, L; Li, Z2012116
Covalently linking the Escherichia coli global anaerobic regulator FNR in tandem allows it to function as an oxygen stable dimerShan, Y; Pan, Q; Liu, J; Huang, F; Sun, H; Nishino, K; Yan, A2012126
A study of optical properties enhancement in low-bandgap polymer solar cells with embedded PEDOT:PSS gratingsZhu, X; Choy, WCH; Xie, F; Duan, C; Wang, C; He, W; Huang, F; Cao, Y2012124
Optical and electrical effects of gold nanoparticles in the active layer of polymer solar cellsWang, CCD; Choy, WCH; Duan, C; Fung, DDS; Sha, WEI; Xie, FX; Huang, F; Cao, Y2012276
Effects of metal binding on histidine-rich bacterioferritin-associated Ferredoxin (BFD)-like [2Fe-2S] protein from Rhodopseudomonas palustrisHuang, F; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201122
Two-dimensional like conjugated copolymers for high efficiency bulk-heterojunction solar cell application: Band gap and energy level engineeringDuan, C; Wang, C; Liu, S; Huang, F; Choy, CHW; Cao, Y2011200
Transmission radius control in wireless Ad Hoc networks with smart antennasHuang, F; Leung, KC; Li, VOK2010183
Adjustable transmission power in wireless Ad Hoc networks with smart antennasHuang, F; Li, VOK; Leung, KC2008148
A crucial role for dendritic cell (DC) IL-10 in inhibiting successful DC-based immunotherapy: Superior antitumor immunity against hepatocellular carcinoma evoked by DC devoid of IL-101Chen, YX; Man, K; Guang, SL; Chen, Y; Sun, BS; Cheng, Q; On, HW; Lo, CK; Ng, IO; Li, CC; Lau, GK; Lin, CLS; Huang, F; Huang, FP2007100
A feasibility study for detection of HIV specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes using rAAV delivery system.Zheng, B; Lee, SS; Wong, KH; Chan, KCW; Chan, CS; Ng, F; Huang, F; Yuen, KY2007164
Effects Of Bergapten On Dendritic Cell FunctionsTo, KW; Wong, OH; Li, HB; Chen, SF; Lo, CK; Chiang, AKS; Huang, F200667
Immunomodulatory effects of Bergapten on dendritic cell functionsTo, KW; Wong, OH; Li, HB; Chen, SF; Lo, CK; Chiang, AKS; Huang, F200677
Development of New Technique for Detection of HIV Specific Cytotoxic T LymphocytesZheng, B; Lee, SS; Wong, KH; Chan, KCW; Chan, CS; Ng, F; Huang, F; Yuen, KY2006123
Role of regulatory T cells in natural immunity and sustained pharmacological control hepatitis B infection, The Liver Meeting of The American Association for the Study of LiverHui, CK; Zhang, H; Lee, PY; Marin, H; Yueng, YH; Leung, KW; Lu, L; Leung, N; Luk, JMC; Naoumov, N; Huang, F; Lau, G2006114
Update on non-Hodgkin lymphomasChiang, AKS; Wong, OH; Huang, F200555
Differential responses of cord and adult blood-derived dendritic cells to dying cellsChiang, AKS; Wong, OH; Huang, F200559
RAID-M: A high performance RAID Matrix mass storageLiu, P; Li, S; Lau, FCM; Shi, Y; Huang, F200589
The effects of Bergapten in modulating dendritic cells (DC) functions for DC-based tumor vaccinesTo, KW; Wong, OH; Li, HB; Chan, SF; Ma, L; Cheung, YL; Ko, KH; Chiang, AKS; Huang, F200597
Functional Comparison of Cord and Adult Blood-Derived Dendritic CellsChiang, AKS; Wong, OH; Huang, F200565
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