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Efficient information exchange in single-hop multi-channel radio networksShi, W; Hua, Q; Yu, D; Wang, Y; Lau, FCM201247
Distributed multiple-message broadcast in wireless ad-hoc networks under the SINR modelYu, D; Hua, Q; Wang, Y; Tan, H; Lau, FCM201263
Computing capacity and connectivity in cognitive radio ad-hoc networksHua, Q; Tan, H; Wang, Y; Li, H; Yu, D; Lau, FCM; Wu, C201221
Deterministic distributed data aggregation under the SINR modelHobbs, N; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Yu, D; Lau, FCM201296
An O(log n) distributed approximation algorithm for local broadcasting in unstructured wireless networksYu, D; Hua, Q; Wang, Y; Lau, FCM201271
Distributed (Δ+1)-coloring in the physical modelYu, D; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Lau, FCM201146
Exact parameterized multilinear monomial counting via k-layer subset convolution and k-disjoint sumYu, D; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Lau, FCM201186
Distributed local broadcasting algorithms in the physical interference modelYu, D; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Lau, FCM201191
Joint link scheduling and topology control for wireless sensor networks with SINR constraintsHua, Q; Lau, FCM2010235
Thin germanium nitride films grown by thermal reaction processHua, Q; Rosenberg, J; Ye, J; Yang, ES198279
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