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High Rates of Viral Suppression After Long-term Entecavir Treatment of Asian Patients With Hepatitis B e Antigen-Positive Chronic Hepatitis BPan, CQ; Tong, M; Kowdley, KV; Hu, K; Chang, T; Lai, C; Yoon, SK; Lee, SS; Cohen, D; Tang, H; Tsai, N2012122
Food digestion by cathepsin L and digestion-related cell differentiation in shrimp hepatopancreas.Hu, K; Leung, PC2007167
Complete, precise, and innocuous loss of multiple introns in the currently intronless, active cathepsin L-like genes, and inference from this eventHu, K; Leung, PC2006108
Shrimp cathepsin L encoded by an intronless gene has predominant expression in hepatopancreas, and occurs in the nucleus of oocyteHu, K; Leung, PC2004108
An adaptive algorithm for mining association rules on shared-memory parallel machinesCheung, DW; Hu, K; Xia, S2001188
DROLAP - A Dense-Region-Based Approach to On-line Analytical ProcessingCheung, DWL; Zhou, B; Kao, CM; Hu, K; Lee, SD199984
Adenosine-induced activation of ATP-sensitive K + channels in excised membrane patches is mediated by PKCHu, K; Li, GR; Nattel, S199950
Asynchronous parallel algorithm for mining association rules on a shared-memory multi-processorsCheung, DW; Hu, K; Xia, Sh1998105
Current in Human and Rabbit Ventricular MyocytesHu, K; Duan, D; Li, GR; Nattel, S199651
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