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Anticipating the prevalence of avian influenza subtypes H9 and H5 in live-bird markets.Pepin, K.M.; Wang, J; Webb, C.T.; Hoeting, J.A.; Poss, M.; Hudson, P.J.; Hong, W; Zhu, H; Guan, Y201336
The genesis and source of the H7N9 influenza viruses causing human infections in ChinaLam, TY; Wang, J; Shen, Y; Zhou, B; Duan, L; Cheung, CL; Ma, C; Lycett, SJ; Leung, CYH; Chen, X; Li, L; Hong, W; Chai, Y; Zhou, L; Liang, H; Ou, Z; Liu, Y; Farooqui, A; Kelvin, DJ; Poon, LLM; Smith, DK; Pybus, OG; Leung, GM; Shu, Y; Webster, RG; Webby, RJ; Peiris, JSM; Rambaut, A; Zhu, H; Guan, Y201327
Infectivity, transmission, and pathology of human-isolated H7N9 influenza virus in ferrets and pigs.Zhu, H; Wang, D; Kelvin, DJ; Li, L; Zheng, Z; Yoon, SW; Wong, SS; Farooqui, A; Wang, J; Banner, D; Chen, R; Zheng, R; ZHOU, J; Zhang, Y; Hong, W; Dong, W; Cai, Q; Roehrl, MHA; Huang, SSH; Kelvin, AA; Yao, T; Zhou, B; Chen, X; Leung, GM; Poon, LLM; Webster, RG; Webby, RJ; Peiris, JSM; Guan, Y; Shu, Y201365
Anti-cadherin-17 antibody modulates Beta-catenin signaling and tumorigenicity of hepatocellular carcinomaWang, Y; SHEK, HP; Wong, KF; Liu, LX; Zhang, XQ; Yuan, Y; Khin, E; Hu, MY; Wang, JH; Poon, RTP; Hong, W; Lee, NPY; Luk, JMC201333
Multiannual patterns of influenza A transmission in Chinese live bird market systemsPepin, KM; Wang, J; Webb, CT; Smith, GJD; Poss, M; Hudson, PJ; Hong, W; Zhu, H; Riley, S; Guan, Y2013152
The T393C polymorphism of GNAS1 as a predictor for chemotherapy sensitivity and survival in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with gemcitabine plus platinumXie, FJ; Zhao, P; Kou, JY; Hong, W; Fu, L; Hu, L; Hong, D; Su, D; Gao, Y; Zhang, YP201294
Establishment and lineage replacement of h6 influenza viruses in domestic ducks in southern ChinaHuang, K; Zhu, H; Fan, X; Wang, J; Cheung, CL; Duan, L; Hong, W; Liu, Y; Li, L; Smith, DK; Chen, H; Webster, RG; Webby, RJ; Peiris, M; Guan, Y2012158
AXL receptor kinase is a mediator of YAP-dependent oncogenic functions in hepatocellular carcinomaXu, MZ; Chan, SW; Liu, AM; Wong, KF; Fan, ST; Chen, J; Poon, RT; Zender, L; Lowe, SW; Hong, W; Luk, JM2011469
Differential impact of right ventricular pacing on three-dimensional global left ventricular dyssynchrony in children and young adults with congenital and acquired heart blockHong, W; Yung, TC; Lun, KS; Cheung, YF2009100
Impact of temporary interruption of long-term right ventricular pacing on left ventricular function and dyssynchrony in children and young adults congenital and acquired heart blockHong, W; Yung, TC; Lun, KS; Cheung, YF200998
Differential Impact of Right Ventricular Pacing on Three-Dimensional Global Left Ventricular Dyssynchrony in Children and Young Adults with Congenital and Acquired Heart BlockHong, W; Weng, D; Weng, D; Lun, KS; Cheung, YF2009104
An improved MoM model for line-fed patch antennas and printed circuitsQian, ZG; Cui, TJ; Lu, WB; Yin, XX; Hong, W; Chew, WC200565
Study of resolution and super resolution in electromagnetic imaging for half-space problemsCui, TJ; Chew, WC; Yin, XX; Hong, W200461
New approximate formulations for EM scattering by dielectric objectsCui, TJ; Chew, WC; Hong, W200442
The Role of Government in Creating Competitive Advantage in the Globalized Economy: The Case of Shanghai, ChinaHong, W; Chan, RCK2004119
Reconstruction of 3-D symmetric curves from perspective images without discrete featuresHong, W; Ma, Y; Yu, Y200473
e-Service Environment: Impacts of Web Interface Characteristics on Consumers' Online Shopping BehaviorYim, BCK; Hong, W; Tam, K.Y2003185
Stereoselective synthesis of functionalized pyrrolidines by ruthenium porphyrin-catalyzed decomposition of α-diazo esters and cascade azomethine ylide formation/1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactionsLi, GY; Chen, J; Yu, WY; Hong, W; Che, CM200369
Super resolution phenomenon in the detection of buried objectsCui, TJ; Chew, WC; Yin, XX; Jiang, Q; Hong, W200347
High-order extended born approximations for EM scattering by buried dielectric objectsCui, TJ; Chew, WC; Jiang, Q; Hong, W200337
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