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Systematic phylogenetic analysis of influenza A virus reveals many novel mosaic genome segmentsLAM, TY; Chong, YL; SHI, M; Hon, CC; LI, J; Martin, DP; Tang, JWT; Mok, CK; Shih, SR; YIP, CW; JIANG, J; Hui, RKH; Pybus, OG; Holmes, EC; Leung, FCC201330
Phylodynamics of H5N1 avian influenza virus in IndonesiaLam, TTY; Hon, CC; Lemey, P; Pybus, OG; Shi, M; Tun, HM; Li, J; Jiang, J; Holmes, EC; Leung, FCC2012125
Cell culture-adapted IBDV uses endocytosis for entry in DF-1 chicken embryonic fibroblastsYip, CW; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2012114
Characterisation of animal angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptors and use of pseudotyped virus to correlate receptor binding with susceptibility of SARS-CoV infectionLi, KKB; Yip, CW; Hon, CC; Lam, CY; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC201255
Molecular epidemiology of PRRSV: A phylogenetic perspectiveShi, M; Lam, TTY; Hon, CC; Hui, RKH; Faaberg, KS; Wennblom, T; Murtaugh, MP; Stadejek, T; Leung, FCC2010165
Intraspecies diversity of SARS-like coronaviruses in Rhinolophus sinicus and its implications for the origin of SARS coronaviruses in humansYuan, J; Hon, CC; Li, Y; Wang, D; Xu, G; Zhang, H; Zhou, P; Poon, LLM; Lam, TTY; Leung, FCC; Shi, Z2010391
Phylogeny-based evolutionary, demographical, and geographical dissection of north american type 2 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virusesShi, M; Lam, TTY; Hon, CC; Murtaugh, MP; Davies, PR; Hui, RKH; Li, J; Wong, LTW; Yip, CW; Jiang, JW; Leung, FCC2010264
Use of phylogenetics in the molecular epidemiology and evolutionary studies of viral infectionsLam, TTY; Hon, CC; Tang, JW201075
Oral health promotion for South Asian childrenLo, ECM; Lui, KC; Ho, BCM; Hon, CC; Ku, JKT; Lau, TC; Ling, NWS; Shao, SWJ; Tang, VCW; Tang, KY; Tsang, CY2009119
Phylogenetic perspectives on the epidemiology and origins of SARS and SARS-like coronavirusesYip, CW; Hon, CC; Shi, M; Lam, TTY; Chow, KYC; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2009166
The mitochondrial genome of the Basidiomycete fungus Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom)Wang, Y; Zeng, F; Hon, CC; Zhang, Y; Leung, FCC200887
Evolutionary analyses of European H1N2 swine influenza A virus by placing timestamps on the multiple reassortment eventsLam, TY; Hon, CC; Wang, Z; Hui, RKH; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2008218
SARS coronavirus and apoptosis.Chow, KY; Yeung, YS; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Law, KM; Leung, FC200859
Comments to the predecessor of human SARS coronavirus in 2003-2004 epidemicLam, TTY; Hon, CC; Lam, PY; Yip, CW; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2008113
Evidence of the recombinant origin of a bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)-like coronavirus and its implications on the direct ancestor of SARS coronavirusHon, CC; Lam, TY; Shi, ZL; Drummond, AJ; Yip, CW; Zeng, F; Lam, PY; Leung, FCC2008165
Evolutionary and transmission dynamics of reassortant H5N1 influenza virus in IndonesiaLam, TTY; Hon, CC; Pybus, OG; Kosakovsky Pond, SL; Wong, RTY; Yip, CW; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2008151
Transcriptional profiling of Vero E6 cells over-expressing SARS-CoV S2 subunit: Insights on viral regulation of apoptosis and proliferationYeung, YS; Yip, CW; Hon, CC; Chow, KYC; Ma, ICM; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2008172
Phylogenetic evidence for homologous recombination within the family BirnaviridaeHon, CC; Lam, TTY; Yip, CW; Wong, RTY; Shi, M; Jiang, J; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC2008190
Demonstration of receptor binding properties of VP2 of very virulent strain infectious bursal disease virus on Vero cellsYip, CW; Yeung, YS; Ma, CM; Lam, PY; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC200753
Naturally occurring anti-Escherichia coli protein antibodies in the sera of healthy humans cause analytical interference in a recombinant nucleocapsid protein-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for serodiagnosis of severe acute respiratory syndrome.Yip, CW; Hon, CC; Zeng, F; Chow, KY; Chan, KH; Peiris, JS; Leung, FC200763
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