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Age-related grey matter volume correlates of response inhibition and shifting in attention- Deficit hyperactivity disorderMcAlonan, GM; Cheung, V; Chua, SE; Oosterlaan, J; Hung, SF; Tang, CP; Lee, CC; Kwong, SL; Ho, TP; Cheung, C; Suckling, J; Leung, PWL2009169
White matter fractional anisotrophy differences and correlates of diagnostic symptoms in autismCheung, C; Chua, SE; Cheung, V; Khong, PL; Tai, KS; Wong, TKW; Ho, TP; McAlonan, GM2009152
Mapping brain structure in attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder: A voxel-based MRI study of regional grey and white matter volumeMcAlonan, GM; Cheung, V; Cheung, C; Chua, SE; Murphy, DGM; Suckling, J; Tai, KS; Yip, LKC; Leung, P; Ho, TP2007146
Dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) gene in Han Chinese children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Increased prevalence of the 2-repeat alleleLeung, PWL; Lee, CC; Hung, SF; Ho, TP; Tang, CP; Kwong, SL; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; LiehMak, F; Oosterlaan, J; Grady, D; Harxhi, A; Ding, YC; Chi, HC; Flodman, P; Schuck, S; Spence, MA; Moyzis, R; Swanson, J2005144
Neurocognitive correlates of fronto-striatal pathology in childhood neurodevelopmental disorders: an MRI study of ADHDCheung, V; Cheung, C; Chua, SE; Ho, TP; Leung, P; McAlonan, GM200594
Regional brain volume correlations in disorders of neurodevelopment: can we date the onset of pathology?McAlonan, GM; Cheung, V; Cheung, C; Ho, TP; Chua, SE200493
A voxel-based MRI study of brain in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderCheung, V; Cheung, C; Ho, TP; Chua, SE; Leung, PWL; Tai, KS; Yip, L; Wong, TKW; McAlonan, GM200495
Erratum: A re-examination of seasonal variation in suicides in Australia and New Zealand (Journal of Affective Disorder (1998) 47 (141-150) PII: S0165032797001353)Yip, PSF; Chao, A; Ho, TP200143
Triiodothyronine augmentation for the treatment of depression in substance misusers unresponsive to tricyclic antidepressantsKan, CK; Ho, TP2001277
Youth Suicides in Hong KongYip, PSF; Ho, TP; Hung, SF; Laidler, KA; Leung, PWL1998122
A re-examination of seasonal variation in suicides in Australia and New ZealandYip, PSF; Chao, A; Ho, TP1998122
Suicide notes: What do they tell usHo, TP; Yip, PSF; Chiu, CWF; Halliday, P199864
Management of children refusing to eatHo, TP1998144
Seasonal variation in suicides re-examined: No sex difference in Hong Kong and TaiwanHo, TP; Chao, A; Yip, P1997199
Suicide notes in youth suicideHo, TP; Yip, PSF1997121
Child psychiatry in primary careHo, TP1997167
The diagnosis and prevalence of hyperactivity in Chinese schoolboysLeung, PWL; Luk, SL; Ho, TP; Taylor, E; Mak, FL; BaconShone, J1996171
Situational versus pervasive hyperactivity in a community sampleHo, TP; Luk, ESL; Leung, PWL; Taylor, E; LiehMak, F; BaconShone, J1996363
Establishing the constructs of childhood behavioral disturbances in a Chinese population: A questionnaire studyHo, TP; Leung, PWL; Luk, ESL; Taylor, E; BaconShone, J; Mak, FL199663
Separation and comorbidity of hyperactivity and conduct disturbance in Chinese schoolboysLeung, PWL; Luk, SL; BaconShone, J; Ho, TP; Taylor, E; Lieh Mak, F199669
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