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The impact of cancer on the physical, psychological and social well-being of childhood cancer survivorsLi, HCW; Lopez, V; Joyce Chung, OK; Ho, KY; Chiu, SY2013109
Organotin contamination in market seafood and its implication for human health risk in Hong KongHo, KY; Mak, KY; Mak, E; Leung, KMY201328
Lung cancer tumorigenicity and drug resistance are maintained through ALDH(hi)CD44(hi) tumor initiating cellsLiu, J; Xiao, Z; Wong, SK; Tin, PC; Ho, KY; Wang, JJ; Sham, MH; Wong, MP201331
Effectiveness of an integrated adventure-based training and health education program in promoting regular physical activity among childhood cancer survivorsLi, WHC; Chung, OK; Ho, KY; Chiu, SY; Lopez, V201324
Effectiveness of an Adventure-Based Training Programme in Promoting the Psychological Well-Being of Primary School childrenLi, WHC; Chung, OK; Ho, KY201240
Digestive cancer management in Asia: position statements: a report on GI Oncology Summit in 2011Sung, JJ; Ng, EK; Lin, JT; Ho, KY; Ji, JF; Sugano, K; Poon, RTP; Chan, AT; Goh, KL; Han, KH; Chen, LL; Wu, KC; Ng, SS; Bresalier, RS; Chan, FK; Yau, TCC201233
Psychosocial support for parents of children with cancerChiu, SY; Ho, KY201250
The impact of disparity between the rich and the poor on the psychological well-being of children in Hong KongHo, KY; Li, WHC201253
Applying tissue-burden based quality benchmarks to assess the ecological risks of organotin compounds in Hong Kong watersHo, KY; Lam, JCW; Leung, KMY201147
Spatio-temporal variation in imposex status and organotin contamination in the whelk Thais clavigera in Hong Kong waters: Implication on the effectiveness of the global ban of organotin antifouling systemsHo, KY; Leung, KMY201178
The impact of cancer and its treatment on Hong Kong Chinese childhood cancer survivors’ psychosocial well-being and quality of lifeLi, WHC; Chui, SY; Ho, KY201170
Relationships among therapy-related symptoms, depressive symptoms and quality of life in Hong Kong Chinese children hospitalized with cancerLi, WHC; Chui, SY; Ho, KY201156
Novel nonsense CDC73 mutations in Chinese patients with parathyroid tumorsSiu, WK; Law, CY; Lam, CW; Mak, CM; Wong, GWK; Ho, AYY; Ho, KY; Loo, KT; Chiu, SC; Chow, LTC; Tong, SF; Chan, AYW2011137
Coping strategies used by children hospitalized with cancer: an exploratory study.Li, HC; Chung, OK; Ho, KY; Chiu, SY; Lopez, V2011189
Coping behaviour checklist for Chinese children: Development and psychometric testingLi, HCW; Chung, OKJ; Wong, MLE; Ho, KY201097
Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale for Children: Psychometric testing of the Chinese versionWilliam Li, HC; Chung, OKJ; Ho, KY201087
Delayed clearance of viral load and marked cytokine activation in severe cases of pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza virus infectionTo, KKW; Hung, IFN; Li, IWS; Lee, KL; Koo, CK; Yan, WW; Liu, R; Ho, KY; Chu, KH; Watt, CL; Luk, WK; Lai, KY; Chow, FL; Mok, T; Buckley, T; Chan, JFW; Wong, SSY; Zheng, B; Chen, H; Lau, CCY; Tse, H; Cheng, VCC; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY2010729
Asia Pacific consensus recommendations for colorectal cancer screeningSung, JJY; Lau, JYW; Young, GP; Sano, Y; Chiu, HM; Byeon, JS; Yeoh, KG; Goh, KL; Sollano, J; Rerknimitr, R; Matsuda, T; Wu, KC; Ng, S; Leung, SY; Makharia, G; Chong, VH; Ho, KY; Brooks, D; Lieberman, DA; Chan, FKL2008312
Colorectal neoplasia in Asia: a multicenter colonoscopy survey in symptomatic patientsLeung, WK; Ho, KY; Kim, Wh; Lau, JYW; Ong, E; Hilmi, I; Kullavanijaya, P; Wang, Cy; Li, Cj; Fujita, R; Abdullah, M; Tandon, R; Sung, JJY200666
Strongly luminescent metal-organic compounds: Spectroscopic properties and crystal structure of substituted 1,8-naphthyridine and its zinc(II) complexChe, CM; Wan, CW; Ho, KY; Zhoa, ZY2001155
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