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Detection of multiple bipolar flows in NGC 7027 with submillimeter arrayHuang, ZY; Hasegawa, TI; Trung, DV; Kwok, S; Muller, S; Hirano, N; Lim, J; Mariappan, CM; Lyo, A2010155
The molecular envelope around the red supergiant VY CMaMuller, S; DinhVTrung; Lim, J; Hirano, N; Muthu, C; Kwok, S200759
Submillimeter array observation of the proto-planetary nebula CRL 618 in the CO J = 6-5 lineNakashima, JI; Fong, D; Hasegawa, T; Hirano, N; Koning, N; Kwok, S; Lim, J; DinhVanTrung; Young, K2007234
654 GHz continuum and C 18O(6-5) observations of G240.31+0.07 with the submillimeter arrayChen, HR; Su, YN; Liu, SY; Hunter, TR; Wilner, DJ; Zhang, Q; Lim, J; Ho, PTP; Ohashi, N; Hirano, N2007104
A slowly expanding disk and fast bipolar outflow from the S star π1 gruisChiu, PJ; Hoang, CT; DinhVTrung; Lim, J; Kwok, S; Hirano, N; Muthu, C200688
The molecular envelope of the red supergiant VY CMaMuller, S; DinhVanTrung; Muthumariappan, C; Lim, J; Hirano, N; Kwok, S2006159
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