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Knockdown of myeloid differentiation protein-2 reduces acute lung injury following orthotopic autologous liver transplantation in a rat modelChi, X; Zhang, A; Luo, G; Xia, H; Zhu, G; Hei, Z; Liu, X; Wei, J; Xia, Z201325
Dual Effects of Bilirubin on the Proliferation of Rat Renal NRK52E Cells and ITS Association with Gap JunctionsWang, Y; Zhu, Q; Luo, C; Zhang, A; Hei, Z; Su, G; Xia, Z; Irwin, MG201325
Antioxidant N-acetylcysteine attenuates the reduction of brg1 protein expression in the myocardium of type 1 diabetic ratsXu, J; Lei, S; LIU, Y; Gao, X; Irwin, MG; Xia, ZY; Hei, Z; Gan, X; Wang, T; Xia, Z201325
Mast cell stabilization alleviates acute lung injury after orthotopic autologous liver transplantation in rats by downregulating inflammationZhang, A; Chi, X; Luo, G; Hei, Z; Xia, H; Luo, C; Wang, Y; MAO, X; Xia, Z201331
Mast cells activation contribute to small intestinal ischemia reperfusion induced acute lung injury in ratsHuang, P; Liu, D; Gan, X; Zhang, R; Gao, W; Xia, Z; Hei, Z2012106
TLR4 overexpression after orthotopic liver autotransplantation contributes to acute lung injury in ratsChi, X; Ge, M; Zhang, A; Luo, GJ; Xia, Z; Hei, Z201265
Treatment with cromolyn sodium at early reperfusion but not before ischemia attenuates intestinal ischemia/reperfusion induced lung injury in miceGan, X; Luo, CF; Luo, GJ; Li, S; Hei, Z; Xia, Z201298
Patterns of hepatic Nrf2 and antioxidant enzyme alterations in rats subjected to autologous orthotopic liver transplantationGuo, N; Wang, Y; Hei, Z; Xia, Z201257
Lipopolysaccharide impairs gap junction function and reduces rat kidney NRK-52E cell proliferationWang, Y; Wei, J; Xia, Z; Hei, Z; Luo, C201289
Inhibition of protein kinase β2 attenuates NOS uncoupling and myocardial dysfunction in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsLei, S; Li, H; Wang, T; Liu, Y; Mao, X; Hei, Z; Irwin, MG; Xia, Z201267
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