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Global climate change, war, and population decline in recent human historyZhang, DD; Brecke, P; Lee, HF; He, YQ; Zhang, J200786
Climate change and war frequency in Eastern China over the last millenniumZhang, DD; Zhang, J; Lee, HF; He, YQ2007182
Spatia and Temporal Variations of Oxygen Isotopes in Snowpacks and Glacial Runoff in Different Types of Glacial Area in Western ChinaHe, YQ; Pang, H; Theakstone, WH; Zhang, D; Li, A200698
Climatic change, wars and dynastic cycles in China over the last millenniumZhang, DD; Jim, CY; Lin, GCS; He, YQ; Wang, JJ; Lee, HF2006565
Climatae Change and China's Wars, Social Unrest and Dynastic ChangesZhang, D; Jim, CY; Lin, GCS; He, YQ; Lee, F2004150
Ice-cores and their records on changes of the warm periods in Holocene, ChinaHe, YQ; Yao, TD; Shen, YP; Zhang, ZL; Chen, T; Zhang, D200384
What is the Major Reason for Glacier Retreat on Yulong Mountain, ChinaHe, YQ; Zhang, D; Gu, J2003187
Isolation and characterization of viruses related to the SARS coronavirus from animals in Southern ChinaGuan, Y; Zheng, BJ; He, YQ; Liu, XL; Zhuang, ZX; Cheung, CL; Luo, SW; Li, PH; Zhang, LJ; Guan, YJ; Butt, KM; Wong, KL; Chan, KW; Lim, W; Shortridge, KF; Yuen, KY; Peiris, JSM; Poon, LLM2003166
Precipitation chemistry of Lhasa and other remote towns, TibetZhang, DD; Peart, M; Jim, CY; He, YQ; Li, BS; Chen, JA2003223
Human settlement of the last glaciation on the Tibetan plateauZhang, D; Li, SH; He, YQ; Li, BS200387
Copia-like retrotransposon in AmaranthusHe, YQ; Sun, M; Zhu, YG; Zhang, LD200253
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