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Human face tracking system with multiple non-overlapping camerasHe, XC; Yuk, SC; Luo, T; Chow, KP; Wong, KYK; Chung, RHY2011236
Motion estimation method for blurred videos and application of deblurring with spatially varying blur kernelsHe, XC; Luo, T; Yuk, SC; Chow, KP; Wong, KYK; Chung, RHY2010130
Super-resolution of faces using texture mapping on a generic 3D modelHe, XC; Yuk, SC; Chow, KP; Wong, KYK; Chung, RHY2010159
Automatic 3D face texture mapping framework from single imageHe, XC; Yuk, SC; Chow, KP; Wong, KYK; Chung, RHY2009243
New method for overcoming ill-conditioning in vanishing-point-based camera calibrationHe, XC; Yung, NHC2007234
A novel algorithm for estimating vehicle speed from two consecutive imagesHe, XC; Yung, NHC2007130
A novel merging criterion incorporating boundary smoothness and region homogeneity for image segmentationTan, ZG; He, XC; Yung, NHC2006202
Curvature scale space corner detector with adaptive threshold and dynamic region of supportHe, XC; Yung, NHC20041,043
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