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Association between adverse clinical outcome in human disease caused by novel influenza A H7N9 virus and sustained viral shedding and emergence of antiviral resistanceHu, Y; Lu, S; Song, Z; Wang, W; Hao, P; Li, J; Zhang, X; Yen, H; Shi, B; Li, T; Guan, W; Xu, L; Liu, Y; Wang, S; Zhang, X; Tian, D; Zhu, Z; He, J; Huang, K; Chen, H; Zheng, L; Li, X; Ping, J; Kang, B; Xi, X; Zha, L; Li, Y; Zhang, Z; Peiris, JSM; Yuan, Z201371
Epidemiological dynamics and phylogeography of influenza virus in southern ChinaCheng, X; Tan, Y; He, M; Lam, TTY; Lu, X; Viboud, C; He, J; Zhang, S; Lu, J; Wu, C; Fang, S; Wang, X; Xie, X; Ma, H; Nelson, MI; Kung, HF; Holmes, EC; Cheng, J201398
Generation of integration-free neural progenitor cells from cells in human urineWang, L; Wang, L; Huang, W; Su, H; Xue, Y; Su, Z; Liao, B; Wang, H; Bao, X; Qin, D; He, J; Wu, W; So, KF201358
High efficiency nondoped deep-blue organic light emitting devices based on imidazole-π-triphenylamine derivativesZhang, Y; Lai, SL; Tong, QX; Lo, MF; Ng, TW; Chan, MY; Wen, ZC; He, J; Jeff, KS; Tang, XL; Liu, WM; Ko, CC; Wang, PF; Lee, CS201284
Human pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells prevent allergic airway inflammation in mice.Sun, YQ; Deng, MX; He, J; Zeng, QX; Wen, W; Wong, DS; Tse, HF; Xu, G; Lian, Q; Shi, J; Fu, QL201233
Extremely Strong ^{13}CO J=3-2 Line in the "Water Fountain" IRAS 16342-3814: Evidence for the Hot-Bottom BurningImai, H; Chong, SN; He, J; Nakashima, J; Hsia, C; Takeshi, S; Deguchi, S; Koning, N201251
Effect of influenza on cardiorespiratory and all-cause mortality in Hong Kong, Singapore and Guangzhou.Wong, CM; Peiris, JS; Yang, L; Chan, KP; Thach, TQ; Lai, HK; Lim, WW; Hedley, AJ; He, J; Chen, P; Ou, C; Deng, A; Zhang, X; Zhou, D; Ma, S; Chow, A2012180
Thioether side chains improve the stability, fluorescence, and metal uptake of a metal-organic frameworkHe, J; Yee, KK; Xu, Z; Zeller, M; Hunter, AD; Chui, SSY; Che, CM2011385
Effects of total glucosides of paeony for treating Sjogren ’s syndrome: an animal studyLi, C; He, J; Li, ZG; Hua, H; Zheng, L2011108
Electronic sensitivity of carbon nanotubes to internal water wettingCao, D; Pang, P; He, J; Luo, T; Park, JH; Krstic, P; Nuckolls, C; Tang, J; Lindsay, S201181
Spindle-like oscillations in the auditory thalamus and cortexLiu, CH; Guo, Y; Gao, LX; Meng, XK; Yu, YQ; Chan, YS; He, J201075
Coordination networks from Cu cations and tetrakis(methylthio) benzenedicarboxylic acid: Tunable bonding patterns and selective sensing for NH 3 gasZhou, XP; Xu, Z; He, J; Zeller, M; Hunter, AD; Clérac, R; Mathonière, C; Chui, SSY; Che, CM2010159
Translocation of single-stranded DNA through single-walled carbon nanotubesLiu, H; He, J; Tang, J; Liu, H; Pang, P; Cao, D; Krstic, P; Joseph, S; Lindsay, S; Nuckolls, C201072
Protection of cerulein-induced pancreatic fibrosis by pancreas-specific expression of Smad7He, J; Sun, X; Qian, K-Q; Liu, X; Wang, Z; Chen, Y2009121
Phosphodiester hydrolysis and specific DNA binding and cleavage promoted by guanidinium-functionalized zinc complexesHe, J; Sun, J; Mao, ZW; Ji, LN; Sun, H2009656
Time course of cortically induced fos expression in auditory thalamus and midbrain after bilateral cochlear ablationSun, X; Guo, YP; Shum, DKY; Chan, YS; He, J2009254
Privacy reference monitor - A computer model for law compliant privacy protectionXu, F; Chow, KP; He, J; Wu, X2009102
Double-strand DNA cleavage by copper complexes of 2,2′-dipyridyl with guanidinium/ammonium pendantsHe, J; Hu, P; Wang, YJ; Tong, ML; Sun, H; Mao, ZW; Ji, LN200872
Frequency tuning and firing pattern properties of auditory thalamic neurons: An in vivo intracellular recording from the guinea pigZhang, Z; Yu, YQ; Liu, CH; Chan, YS; He, J2008167
Phthalates biodegradation in the environmentLiang, DW; Zhang, T; Fang, HHP; He, J2008436
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