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Disorder-induced linear magnetoresistance in (221) topological insulator Bi2Se3 filmsHe, HT; Liu, HC; Li, BK; GUO, X; Xu, Z; Xie, MH; Wang, JN2013102
Single domain Bi2Se3 films grown on InP(111)A by molecular-beam epitaxyGuo, X; Xu, Z; Liu, HC; Zhao, B; Dai, XQ; He, HT; Wang, JN; Liu, H; Ho, WK; Xie, MH2013147
Anisotropic Topological Surface States on High-Index Bi2Se3 FilmsXu, Z; Guo, X; Yao, MY; He, HT; Miao, L; Jiao, L; Liu, HC; Wang, JN; Qian, D; Jia, JF; Ho, WK; Xie, MH2013123
Impurity effect on weak antilocalization in the topological insulator Bi 2Te 3He, HT; Wang, G; Zhang, T; Sou, IK; Wong, GKL; Wang, JN; Lu, HZ; Shen, SQ; Zhang, FC20111,593
The van der Waals epitaxy of Bi 2Se 3 on the vicinal Si(111) surface: An approach for preparing high-quality thin films of a topological insulatorLi, HD; Wang, ZY; Kan, X; Guo, X; He, HT; Wang, Z; Wang, JN; Wong, TL; Wang, N; Xie, MH2010420
Classification of bound exciton complexes in bulk ZnO by magnetophotoluminescence spectroscopyDing, L; Li, BK; He, HT; Ge, WK; Wang, JN; Ning, JQ; Dai, XM; Ling, CC; Xu, SJ2009629
Coronin-1A links cytoskeleton dynamics to TCRαβ-induced cell signalingMugnier, B; Nal, B; Verthuy, C; Boyer, C; Lam, D; Chasson, L; Nieoullon, V; Chazal, G; Guo, XJ; He, HT; RueffJuy, D; Alcover, A; Ferrier, P2008238
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