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Critical thinking instruction: A comparison of direct instruction and inquiry approachKu, KYL; Hau, KT; Ho, ITF2010197
Chinese students’ motivation and achievementHau, KT; Ho, ITF2010144
Consequences of the Confucian culture: High achievement but negative psychological attributes?Ho, IT; Hau, KT2010114
Research on Asian students’ motivation: themes and issuesHau, KT; Ho, ITF2010161
Use of metacognitive strategies in high and low critical thinking performance: A think-aloud approachKu, YL; Ho, ITF; Hau, KT200995
Comparing three modes of critical thinking instruction for Chinese secondary studentsKu, YL; Ho, ITF; Hau, KT200992
The effect of diet and strength training on obese children's physical self-conceptYu, CCW; Sung, RYT; Hau, KT; Lam, PKW; Nelson, EAS; So, RCH2008165
Text Comprehension in Chinese Children: Relative Contribution of Verbal Working Memory, Pseudoword Reading, Rapid Automatized Naming, and Onset-Rime Phonological SegmentationLeong, CK; Tse, SK; Loh, KY; Hau, KT2008236
Editorial: Insights from research on Asian students' achievement motivationHau, KT; Ho, IT2008111
Academic achievement in the Chinese context: The role of goals, strategies, and effortHo, IT; Hau, KT2008167
Chinese students' critical thinking: Validation of the factorial structure of a critical thinking assessmentHau, KT; Ho, ITF; Ku, YL; Hui, N200885
Component skills of text comprehension in less competent Chinese comprehendersLeong, CK; Hau, KT; Tse, SK; Loh, KY2007145
The role of feedback in the self-concept-achievement relationship: Insights from a study on critical thinkingHau, KT; Ho, ITF; Ku, YL200774
Childhood obesity, gender, actual-ideal body image discrepancies, and physical self-concept in Hong Kong children: Cultural differences in the value of moderation.Marsh, HW; Hau, KT; Sung, RYT; Yu, CW2007257
Chinese and United States undergraduates' critical thinking skills: Academic and dispositional predictorsKu, YL; Chan, NM; Lun, VMC; Halpern, DF; Marin-Burkhart, L; Hau, KT; Ho, ITF2006106
Are physical activity and academic performance compatible? Academic achievement, conduct, physical activity and self-esteem of Hong Kong Chinese primary school childrenYu, CCW; Chan, S; Cheng, F; Sung, RYT; Hau, KT2006288
Effects of self- and task-related cognitions on Chinese students' achievement goal orientationHau, KT; Ho, ITF; Salili, F200668
Factorial structure and comparison between obese and non-obese children’s physical self-conceptHau, KT; Sung, RYT; Marsh, HW; Yu, CW; Lau, WC2006111
Chinese and United States students' critical thinking: Cross-cultural construct validation of a critical thinking assessmentHau, KT; Halpern, DF; Marin-Burkhart, L; Ho, ITF; Ku, YL; Chan, NM; Lun, VMC2006129
Expectancy and value as predictors of Chinese students' achievement goalsHo, ITF; Hau, KT; Salili, F2006102
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