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Association between adverse clinical outcome in human disease caused by novel influenza A H7N9 virus and sustained viral shedding and emergence of antiviral resistanceHu, Y; Lu, S; Song, Z; Wang, W; Hao, P; Li, J; Zhang, X; Yen, H; Shi, B; Li, T; Guan, W; Xu, L; Liu, Y; Wang, S; Zhang, X; Tian, D; Zhu, Z; He, J; Huang, K; Chen, H; Zheng, L; Li, X; Ping, J; Kang, B; Xi, X; Zha, L; Li, Y; Zhang, Z; Peiris, JSM; Yuan, Z201371
Detection of human novel influenza A (H1N1) viruses using multi-fluorescent real-time RT-PCRDong, H; Zhang, Y; Xiong, H; Yan, A; Ding, G; Chen, Y; Xie, L; Chen, J; Zhang, G; Hao, P; Cong, L; Lu, Y; Che, X; Wang, X; Li, Y; Yuen, KY; Zhao, G; Jin, W2010226
Conserved amino acids W423 and N424 in receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV are potential targets for therapeutic monoclonal antibodyBian, C; Zhang, X; Cai, X; Zhang, L; Chen, Z; Zha, Y; Xu, Y; Xu, K; Lu, W; Yan, L; Yuan, J; Feng, J; Hao, P; Wang, Q; Zhao, G; Liu, G; Zhu, X; Shen, H; Zheng, B; Shen, B; Sun, B20093,431
Prediction of quaternary assembly of SARS coronavirus peplomerBernini, A; Spiga, O; Ciutti, A; Chiellini, S; Bracci, L; Yan, X; Zheng, B; Huang, J; He, ML; Song, HD; Hao, P; Zhao, G; Niccolai, N2004143
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