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Effect of systemic antibiotics on clinical and patient-reported outcomes of implant therapy - a multicenter randomized controlled clinical trialTan, WC; Ong, M; Han, J; Mattheos, N; Pjetursson, BE; Tsai, AYM; Sanz, I; Wong, MCM; Lang, NP201412
PGC-1 Coactivators Regulate MITF and the Tanning ResponseShoag, J; Haq, R; Zhang, M; Liu, L; Rowe, GC; Jiang, A; Koulisis, N; Farrel, C; Amos, CI; Wei, Q; Lee, JE; Zhang, J; Kupper, TS; Qureshi, AA; Cui, R; Han, J; Fisher, DE; Arany, Z201393
In vivo toxicities of nine engineered nano metal oxides to the diatom Skeletonema costatum and the rotifer Brachionus sp.Wong, WY; Han, J; Rhee, JS; Lee, JS; Djurisic, A; Leung, KMY201221
In vivo toxicities and toxic mechanisms of commercial sunscreens containing nano zinc oxides to the marine copepod Tigriopus japonicusWong, WY; Han, J; Rhee, JS; Lee, JS; Leung, KMY201220
Corrigendum to "Exonuclease 1 (EXO1) gene variation and melanoma risk" 11 (2012) 304-309Song, F; Qureshi, AA; Zhang, J; Amos, CI; Lee, JE; Wei, Q; Han, J201243
Disruption of endocrine function in in vitro H295R cell-based and in in vivo assay in zebrafish by 2,4-dichlorophenolMa, Y; Han, J; Guo, Y; Lam, PKS; Wu, RSS; Giesy, JP; Zhang, X; Zhou, B2012128
Effect of systemic antibiotics on implant therapy: a clinical trialTan, WC; Ong, M; Lang, NP; Wong, MCM; Meng, H; Han, J; Pjetursson, BE; Sanz, M; Tsai, AY; Mattheos, N201274
A germline variant in the interferon regulatory factor 4 gene as a novel skin cancer risk locusHan, J; Qureshi, AA; Nan, H; Zhang, J; Song, Y; Guo, Q; Hunter, DJ201181
Genome-wide association study identifies nidogen 1 (NID1) as a susceptibility locus to cutaneous nevi and melanoma riskNan, H; Xu, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, M; Kraft, P; Qureshi, AA; Chen, C; Guo, Q; Hu, FB; Rimm, EB; Curhan, G; Song, Y; Amos, CI; Wang, LE; Lee, JE; Wei, Q; Hunter, DJ; Han, J201184
Auditors' overconfidence in predicting the technical knowledge of superiors and subordinatesHan, J; Jamal, K; Tan, HT2011161
On link-based similarity joinSun, L; Cheng, CK; Li, X; Cheung, DWL; Han, J2011212
Factors influencing resonance frequency analysis assessed by Osstell™ mentor during implant tissue integration: II. Implant surface modifications and implant diameterHan, J; Lulic, M; Lang, N P201076
Cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes bearing phosphinated calix[4] arenesLai, SW; Chan, QKW; Han, J; Zhi, YG; Zhu, N; Che, CM2009307
Fabrication and improvement of the density of Li2TiO3 pebbles by the optimization of a sol-gel methodWu, X; Wen, Z; Xu, X; Han, J; Lin, B2009218
Effects of the gas flow rate on the ionic conductivity of CaZr 0.95In0.05O3-δ ceramicsHan, J; Wen, Z; Zhang, J; Lin, B; Wu, X2009151
Microwave-assisted synthesis, structure, and tunable liquid-crystal properties of 2,5-diaryl-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives through peripheral n-alkoxy chainsHan, J; Chang, XY; Zhu, LR; Pang, ML; Meng, JB; Chui, SSY; Lai, SW; Roy, VAL2009181
Synthesis, structures, and photoluminescent properties of cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes bearing upper-rim phosphinated calix[4]arenesLai, SW; Chan, QKW; Han, J; Zhi, YG; Zhu, N; Che, CM2009152
Electrochemical properties of carbon-coated Li[Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3]O2 cathode material for lithium-ion batteriesLin, B; Wen, Z; Han, J; Wu, X2008141
A dicationic organoplatinum(II) complex containing a bridging 2,5-bis-(4-ethynylphenyl)-[1,3,4]oxadiazole ligand behaves as a phosphorescent gelator for organic solventsLu, W; Law, YC; Han, J; Chui, SSY; Ma, DL; Zhu, N; Che, CM2008599
Inverse texture synthesisWei, LY; Han, J; Zhou, K; Bao, H; Guo, B; Shum, HY2008203
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