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The role of Id-1 in chemosensitivity and epirubicin-induced apoptosis in bladder cancer cellsHu, H; Han, HY; Wang, YL; Zhang, XP; Chua, CW; Wong, YC; Wang, XF; Ling, MT; Xu, KX2009147
CDC25A functions as a novel AR corepressor in prostate cancer cellsChiu, YT; Han, HY; Leung, SCL; Yuen, HF; Chua, CW; Guo, Z; Qiu, Y; Chan, KW; Wang, X; Wong, YC; Ling, MT2009124
γ-Tocotrienol suppresses prostate cancer cell proliferation and invasion through multiple-signalling pathwaysYap, WN; Chang, PN; Han, HY; Lee, DTW; Ling, MT; Wong, YC; Yap, YL200880
Lignans isolated from Campylotropis hirtella (Franch.) Schindl. decreased prostate specific antigen and androgen receptor expression in LNCaP cellsHan, HY; Wang, XH; Wang, NLI; Ling, MT; Wong, YC; Yao, XS200847
MAD2 Interacts with DNA Repair Proteins and Negatively Regulates DNA Damage RepairFung, MKL; Han, HY; Leung, SCL; Cheung, HW; Cheung, ALM; Wong, YC; Ling, MT; Wang, X2008198
Id-1 promotes chromosomal instability through modification of APC/C activity during mitosis in response to microtubule disruptionWang, X; Di, K; Zhang, X; Han, HY; Wong, YC; Leung, SCL; Ling, MT200874
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