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Transplantation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells transfected with ectodysplasin for regeneration of sweat glandsCai, S; Pan, Y; Han, B; Sun, TZ; Sheng, ZY; Fu, XB201197
Cellular traffic offloading through WiFi networksDimatteo, S; Hui, P; Han, B; Li, VOK2011105
The design and synthesis of bis(thiourea) ligands and their application in Pd-catalyzed heck and suzuki reactions under aerobic conditionsChen, W; Li, R; Han, B; Li, BJ; Chen, YC; Wu, Y; Ding, LS; Yang, D2006465
Determination of Optimal Insulaor Thickness for MISiC Hydrogen SensorsXu, J P; Lai, PT; Han, B; Tang, WM2004114
Determination of optimal insulator thickness for MISiC hydrogen sensorsXu, JP; Lai, PT; Han, B; Tang, WM200486
Analysis on hydrogen-sensitive characteristics of Schottky sensor with N2O-grown oxynitride as gate insulatorHan, B; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, YP2004114
Effect of SiO2/SiC interface on inversion channel electron mobility of 4H-SiC n-MOSFETXu, J; Wu, H; Lai, PT; Han, B200481
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