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Subcellular localization and post-translational modification of a novel PDZ-domain protein, PIN-1/PAPIN
The 27th Meeting of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), Lisbon, Portugal
Yeung, ML; Thomas, MK; Habener, JF; Yao, KM200197
Bridge-1 utilizes a PDZ-like domain to coactivate E2A-mediated insulin gene transcription
81th Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society
Thomas, MK; Yao, KM; Lee, JH; Wong, G; Habener, JF1999155
Bridge-1, a novel PDZ-domain coactivator of E2A-mediated regulation of insulin gene transcription
Molecular and Cellular Biology
American Society for Microbiology.
Thomas, MK; Yao, KM; Tenser, MS; Wong, GG; Habener, JF1999229
Bridge acts as a coactivator of E2A-Mediated regulation of the insulin gene
A Symposium on the 100th Anniversary of the Joslin Diabetes Center
Thomas, MK; Yao, KM; Tenser, MS; Wong, GG; Habener, JF1998123
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