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ZnO nanorod/GaN light-emitting diodes: The origin of yellow and violet emission bands under reverse and forward biasChen, X; Man Ching Ng, A; Fang, F; Hang Ng, Y; Djurišić, AB; Lam Tam, H; Wai Cheah, K; Gwo, S; Kin Chan, W; Wai Keung Fong, P; Fei Lui, H; Surya, C2011200
Infrared photoluminescence from α- and β-copper phthalocyanine nanostructuresTong, WY; Chen, HY; Djurišić, AB; Ng, AMC; Wang, H; Gwo, S; Chan, WK2010139
GaN/ZnO nanorod light emitting diodes with different emission spectraNg, AMC; Xi, YY; Hsu, YF; Djuriić, AB; Chan, WK; Gwo, S; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW; Fong, PWK; Lui, HF; Surya, C20091,049
Metal phthalocyanine nanoribbons and nanowiresTong, WY; Djuršić, AB; Xie, MH; Ng, ACM; Cheung, KY; Chan, WK; Leung, YH; Lin, HW; Gwo, S2006163
Ultrafast spectroscopy of stimulated emission in single ZnO tetrapod nanowiresDjurišić, AB; Kwok, WM; Leung, YH; Chan, WK; Phillips, DL; Lin, MS; Gwo, S2006169
Ultrafast time - and wavelength - resolved photoluminescence study of stimulated emission on selected ZnO nanostructuresKwok, WM; Djurisic, A; Leung, YH; Chan, WK; Lin, MS; Gwo, S; Phillips, DL2006191
ZnO nanorods by hydrothermal method for ZnO/GaN LEDsTam, KH; Ng, AMC; Leung, YH; Djurišić, AB; Chan, WK; Gwo, S200692
Green, yellow, and orange defect emission from ZnO nanostructures: Influence of excitation wavelengthDjurišić, AB; Leung, YH; Tam, KH; Ding, L; Ge, WK; Chen, HY; Gwo, S2006574
Straight and helical InGaN core-shell nanowires with a high in core contentCai, XM; Leung, YH; Cheung, KY; Tam, KH; Djuriić, AB; Xie, MH; Chen, HY; Gwo, S2006137
Optical properties of ZnO ribbon/comb structuresLeung, YH; Djurišić, AB; Kwok, WM; Phillips, DL; Chan, WK; Chen, HY; Gwo, S200659
Optical properties of highly faceted ZnO rodsDjurišić, AB; Kwok, WM; Chan, WK; Phillips, DL; Leung, YH; Xie, MH; Chen, HY; Wu, CL; Gwo, S2006807
Study of excitonic emission in highly faceted ZnO rodsKwok, WM; Djurišić, AB; Leung, YH; Chan, WK; Phillips, DL; Chen, HY; Wu, CL; Gwo, S; Xie, MH2005156
Growth mechanism of stacked-cone and smooth-surface GaN nanowiresCai, XM; Djurišić, AB; Xie, MH; Chiu, CS; Gwo, S2005601
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