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Cognitive impairment in adiponectin-knockout miceCheng, OY; Lam, KSL; Chung, SK; Xu, A; Yeung, PKK; Kwan, SC; Ho, WL; Cheng, KY; Guo, Y; Chan, KH201414
Effects of different blasting materials on charge generation and decay on titanium surface after sandblastingGuo, Y; Tang, ATH; Tsoi, KH; Matinlinna, JP201422
Role of ATM signaling in PALB2-dependent DNA damage responsesGuo, Y; Huen, MSY201322
Human mesenchymal stem cells upregulate CD1dhighCD5+ regulatory B cells in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisGuo, Y; Chan, KH; Lai, KWH; Siu, DCW; Kwan, SC; Tse, HF; Ho, WL; Ho, WM201370
Thermally Induced Phase Transformation of Pearl PowderZhang, G; Guo, Y; Ao, J; Yang, J; Lv, G; Shih, K201351
Effects of different blasting materials on charge generation on titaniumGuo, Y; Matinlinna, JP; Tang, TH; Tsoi, JKH201328
Soluble human leukocyte antigen-g5 activates extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase signaling and stimulates trophoblast invasionGuo, Y; Lee, CL; So, KH; Gao, J; Yeung, WSB; Yao, YQ; Lee, CKF201330
Consensus recommendations for management of head and neck cancer in Asian countries: A review of international guidelinesD'cruz, A; Lin, T; Anand, AK; Atmakusuma, D; Calaguas, MJ; Chitapanarux, I; Cho, BC; Goh, BC; Guo, Y; Hsieh, WS; Hu, C; Kwong, DLW; Lin, JC; Lou, PJ; Lu, T; Prabhash, K; Sriuranpong, V; Tang, P; Vu, VV; Wahid, I; Ang, KK; Chan, AT201346
Disruption of endocrine function in in vitro H295R cell-based and in in vivo assay in zebrafish by 2,4-dichlorophenolMa, Y; Han, J; Guo, Y; Lam, PKS; Wu, RSS; Giesy, JP; Zhang, X; Zhou, B2012129
Two-stage genome-wide association study identifies variants in CAMSAP1L1 as susceptibility loci for epilepsy in ChineseGuo, Y; Baum, LW; Sham, PC; Wong, V; Ng, PW; Lui, CHT; Sin, NC; Tsoi, TH; Tang, CSM; Kwan, JSH; Yip, BHK; Xiao, SM; Thomas, GN; Lau, YL; Yang, W; Cherny, SS; Kwan, P2012147
Adiponectin is protective against oxidative stress induced cytotoxicity in amyloid-beta neurotoxicityChan, KH; Lam, KSL; Cheng, OY; Kwan, SC; Ho, WL; Cheng, KY; Chung, SK; Ho, WM; Guo, Y; Xu, A201299
A genome-wide linkage and association scan reveals novel loci for hypertension and blood pressure traitsGuo, Y; Tomlinson, B; Chu, T; Fang, YJ; Gui, H; Tang, CS; Yip, BH; Cherny, SS; Hur, YM; Sham, PC; Lam, TH; Thomas, NG2012139
Identification of igf1, slc4a4, wwox, and sfmbt1 as hypertension susceptibility genes in han chinese with a genome-wide gene-based association studyYang, HC; Liang, YJ; Chen, JW; Chiang, KM; Chung, CM; Ho, HY; Ting, CT; Lin, TH; Sheu, SH; Tsai, WC; Chen, JH; Leu, HB; Yin, WH; Chiu, TY; Chern, CI; Lin, SJ; Tomlinson, B; Guo, Y; Sham, PC; Cherny, SS; Lam, TH; Thomas, G; Pan, WH2012157
Skeleton-guided mesh cylindrical parametrizationGuo, X; Guo, Y; Guo, K; Wang, W2011118
Aquaporin-4 autoantibodies cause asymptomatic aquaporin-4 loss and activate astrocytes in mouseChan, KH; Zhang, R; Kwan, SC; Guo, Y; Ho, WL; Ho, WM; Chu, ACY201136
Modeling tumor angiogenesis with zebrafishMa, CH; He, B; Guo, Y; Leung, AYH2011138
Parental transfer of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and thyroid endocrine disruption in zebrafishYu, L; Lam, JCW; Guo, Y; Wu, RSS; Lam, PKS; Zhou, B201197
Transforming from economic power to soft power: Challenges for managing education for migrant workers' children and human capital in Chinese citiesMok, KH; Wong, YC; Guo, Y201176
MR imaging assessment of lumbar intervertebral disk degeneration and age-related changes: apparent diffusion coefficient versus T2 quantitationNiu, G; Yang, J; Wang, R; Dang, S; Wu, EX; Guo, Y2011106
Erratum: The sequence and de novo assembly of the giant panda genome (Nature (2010) 463 (311-317))Li, R; Fan, W; Tian, G; Zhu, H; He, L; Cai, J; Huang, Q; Cai, Q; Li, B; Bai, Y; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Lam, TW; Yiu, SM; Liu, S; Zhang, H; Li, D; Huang, Y; Waeng, X; Yang, G; Jiang, Z; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Qin, N; Li, L; Li, J; Bolund, L; Kristiansen, K; Wong, GKS; Olson, M; Zhang, X; Li, S; Wang, W; Yang, H; Wang, J; Weng, J; Li, J; Wei, F; Li, H; Jian, M; Li, J; Zhang, Z; Nielsen, R; Li, D; Gu, W; Yang, Z; Xuan, Z; Ryder, OA; Leung, FCC; Zhou, Y; Cao, J; Sun, X; Fu, Y; Fang, X; Guo, X; Wang, B; Hou, R; Shen, F; Mu, B; Ni, P; Lin, R; Qian, W; Wang, G; Yu, C; Nie, W; Wang, J; Wu, Z; Liang, H; Min, J; Wu, Q; Cheng, S; Ruan, J; Wang, M; Shi, Z; Wen, M; Liu, B; Ren, X; Zheng, H; Dong, D; Cook, K; Shan, G; Zhang, H; Kosiol, C; Xie, X; Lu, Z; Zheng, H; Li, Y; Steiner, CC; Lam, TTY; Lin, S; Zhang, Q; Li, G; Tian, J; Gong, T; Liu, H; Zhang, D; Fang, L; Ye, C; Zhang, J; Hu, W; Xu, A; Ren, Y; Zhang, G; Bruford, MW; Li, Q; Ma, L; Guo, Y; An, N; Hu, Y; Zheng, Y; Shi, Y; Li, Z; Liu, Q; Chen, Y; Zhao, J; Qu, N; Zhao, S; Tian, F; Wang, X; Wang, H; Xu, L; Liu, X; Vinar, T2010181
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